Cooler days are coming…

VIGNETTE-BACK-TO-WORK (1)From now until the beginning of October IRMA wants to make it easy for you to come back to work. We would like to show you all the things that make life easier and prettier.


When the leaves are turning their color and it starts to get cold outside, you better get your skin prepared, winter is coming! This year I decided to take expert advice rather than scanning beauty shelves. So I stopped by the nearby BABOR salon for a skin consultation. There the BABOR expert first cleansed my skin with a two phase cleansing ritual and used a computer to take a closer look at all the details of my skin using a zoom lens. So we found that it would be the perfect time to treat and renew my skin with a high-tech treatment with the new Peeler and Sonic that combines microdermabrasion and ultrasound. It’s an intensive peel and stimulates the skin with a micro massage. At once a perfect skin-follow up after summer and preparation for the winter season, because all the build-ups like dead skin cells will be removed, making it easier for all the active cosmetic ingredients to penetrate the dermis.

I also learned that the colder it gets, the lazier our skin gets with producing lipids, an important part of our skin’s protective barrier. Without this barrier our skin gets irritated, dry and red. At the same time our skin is stressed: temperature changes from heated rooms to cooler outdoors and dry cold air is demanding for our skin.

The BABOR skin expert knew how to stock the bathroom shelf for those rough conditions: A rich cream with more lipids or bi-phase ampoules with a lipid phase are the perfect skin-treats during winter. This makes sure that our skin does not get dry and is well protected. And you will be well advised to rethink your cleansing ritual. A mild cleanser that does not mess with the protective barrier of the skin is at least doing half of the work. Oil cleansers or balms are ideal. Knowing this, I’m more than ready for winter-wonderland.

By the way: I already have an appointment for my next treatment which will deeply nurture my skin with lipids. Of course it is going to be specifically tailored to my skin’s needs, all written down in an individual beauty pass that states all the products that are perfect for my skin condition.

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