Colour therapy by Farrow & Ball

Choosing the right colour for my apartment walls, an old cupboard or my kitchen floor can be difficult — no matter if you love and like to be surrounded by colour or if you are uncertain when it comes to visual decision making.
The British paint company Farrow & Ball offers a convenient service that makes it easy to decide and get into their world of colours.

IRMA had a try and made an appointment with Eva Ramirez, Showroom Manager at Farrow & Ball. Naturally, IRMA had many, many questions before she picked up the brush.

IRMA: When picking a new colour for a room, how would you best advise to get started?
EVA RAMIREZ: We suggest to have a careful look at our colour card first and our sources of inspirations on the internet. You can also get inspired by the beautiful books and brochures available in the showrooms. The next step would be to ask yourself what atmosphere you desire for your room. Should it look cosy, stylish, fresh, warm, colourful, dark or bright?

Then we recommend that you pay particular attention to the light in the room, whether its north-facing or south-facing etc. You should also include the style and colour scheme of the furniture. But don’t forget that we are here in the showroom to support and advise you. If you are still undecided we recommend our premium colour consultancy.

IRMA: What exactly does the premium color consultancy service by Farrow & Ball offer?
EVA RAMIREZ: Colour consultancy at home is a premium service. It is more in-depth at home than in the showroom, because the colour consultant can get much more inspired by the whole atmosphere, light and furniture of your home. He/she will help you to create a beautiful colour concept.It costs 200 € per hour and you receive a 60 € voucher that can be redeemed when purchase paint or wallpaper in the showroom.

IRMA: When a corridor/hallway has just artificial lights and no windows, which colour works best?
EVA RAMIREZ: It depends on the wishes you have. Is it a long or a short corridor? Do you want to underline that it looks longer or shorter? Therefore you can use the colours to point out certain walls. However a light colour will not necessarily make a dark room lighter. Sometimes it’s just best to accept the fact that the room is dark and make it look more elegant and cosy with the help of a dark colour. You will be surprised how colour make such a dull and boring space become beautiful and precious.

IRMA: Is there a trick to make a small, dark room sparkle?
EVA RAMIREZ: Basically you have to embrace the small, dark nature of the room and underline it with a powerful, dark colour.

IRMA: The most effective way to use wallpaper like an evening dress for the room?
EVA RAMIREZ: Wallpaper can be used as a highlight if you choose a wall that needs to be pointed out. This can be for example in the bedroom behind your bed or in a corner of a living room where you would like to set up a little office corner. If you want the “wow”effect, you can wallpaper the ceiling. A small room like a bathroom can be transformed into a real nice little “jewel box.”

IRMA: Is there a tip when you want to give a piece of furniture a new coat of color or make a bright piece out of a shabby old chair?
EVA RAMIREZ: Any old piece of furniture can be made to look beautiful with Farrow & Ball Eggshell or Full Gloss. Just go to the flea market and give it a try to create your own masterpiece with our paints at home.

IRMA: What would be your tip to give a room a new look on a low budget ?
EVA RAMIREZ: If you have a low budget you can transform existing furniture or woodwork using F&B colours. You could also use wallpaper to create a completely new atmosphere. No need to change everything.

Farrow & Ball Showroom Munich, Rumfordstraße 48, 80469 Munich


Eva Ramirez, Farrow & Ball Showroom Manager

The German interior designer with French roots studied interior design Paris and has been living in Munich for the last six years. Eva has gained her experience and trained her artistic talent in the United States, Paris, Barcelona and Zurich. Besides her job as a colour consultant and store manager at Farrow & Ball in Munich, she loves to work creatively on her illustrations and paintings. She speaks four languages fluently.