Print it like Prada

We are enamored by the latest Autumn/Winter Collection by Miuccia Prada where she once again surprised us, this time with the illustrative prints by artist Robert E. McGinnis.

Even though you may not instantly know his name, you have probably seen his work before, which includes the movie posters for Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the James Bond movies from the 60s, The Incredibles and Barbarella, just to name a few. One could say he is the best known illustrator worldwide.

In recognition of his many excellent artworks, the Society of Illustrators inducted Robert into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1993 and this autumn you can buy a skirt at Prada with one of his iconic pulp fiction style illustrations.

Not only Prada looked into the archives of illustration, though. Already for the couture shows in January Maison Margiela presented a magnificent coat with a giant beautiful face of a women, patched with a black veil of tulle and Nina Ricci printed a moon blue dress also with a woman’s face.

If you happen to be in Stockbridge, MA, a three-hour drive from NYC, pop by the NORMAN ROCKWELL MUSEUM. Their collection features a wide variety of vintage illustrations. If you are not around, visit the flea markets and second-hand stores  where you can find a matching wall decoration for your skirts.

On the slider you see from left to right: NINA RICCI dress winter 2017, a PRADA print top, an illustration by Coby Whitmore and a white coat my MAISON MARGIELA.



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