Chiva-Som: How to embody the best versions of ourselves

Atmosphere and light make the just renovated heath resort a calming place.


Choosing a health retreat as a holiday destination is becoming more and more popular. And there are many health resorts out there. And then there is Chiva-Som.
About a three-hour drive away from Bangkok in Hua Hin lies this internationally-recognized sanctuary of health and wellness, founded 20 years ago.

This year they almost finished their latest renovation with the new Thai Pavilion Suites. This hidden jewel stays internationally at the top with the best staff in that field, the most current exercise tools and therapies and of course, most important, their healthy cuisine. You can understand why most guest are regular repeaters.


So, what did I expected from my retreat? I don’t really have to lose weight; I would say I am rather fit and doing my daily sports. I like to eat healthy, except my daily piece of cake with cream (mostly homemade) and a glass of red wine at night, maybe two. Once you arrive you will meet your personal consultant, who will create a health plan according to your state of health, your goals and most important your future heath.

Pomelo and shrimp salad with fresh herb seasoning.


My first meeting is with an osteopath who tells me what I should improve and followed by a consultation with Dr Jason Culp, a doctor with a holistic approach teaches me how to breath properly. I experimented with several breathing techniques used to induce different physiological states and was visually shown the rise and fall of my emotions by way of my heart rate variability. Why? Because breathing is a simple exercise which I can practice anywhere, all the time and which for me is the perfect stress releaser.

There are always visiting special therapists coming for a month from all over the world. Some of them so famous that their followers travel with them around the world.

My day starts with a yoga or stretching class. Followed by a swim in the sea and walk along the coastline for a morning walk. Breakfast is a treat with a buffet full of super healthy food, freshly cut fruits and healthy versions of Egg Benedict and caffeine free versions of latte macchiatos. Honestly everything tastes heavenly delicious, even the gluten free muffins.

I felt truly hydrated from inside with daily fresh coconut water and outside walking along the Chiva-Som lush garden.


The day continues to be busy with additional exercises or in my case meditation classes and skin, hair treatments. Lunch is just around the corner and although I don’t feel any appetite the fresh salads, with seasonings I haven’t heard of before are tempting.

After lunch I meet my therapist for the famous Chiva-Som Super Stretch, a method of getting stretched by someone who stretches your facias to a maximum and therefor releases everything one wants to get rid of.

Breakfast by the beach.


During the stay the extreme friendly and knowledgeable staff teaches you without you noticing to become at ease with yourself, to learn more about the food you eat and how to live a healthy life. Whenever you have a question you can ask Dr Jason Culp for advice.

Waterfalls and the green gardens of Chiva-Som create constant relaxation of your mind and body.


By the way no Smartphones or cameras are allowed on the premises, only in your own room but by the time you get back there you just want to fall asleep like a baby.

Chef Paisarn does not use butter or salt in his dishes but knows many alternative ways to create a healthy meal with healing effects.


You can book this trip along with a two-night stay in Bangkok (IRMAs city guide coming soon), which we highly recommend to adjust to the climate and time zone via Radermacher Reisen,