Be creative with the latest make-up colour Pallet

Pat McGrath, one of the world’s best makeup artists once said: “Make-up is an extraordinary tool that allows me to share my inspirations, my fantasies, and my vision with the world.”

And one of the best ways to use make-up is to use palettes. Why? Because they allow you to be creative and just play around with colours.

You want to try some new colors?
Lucky you, IRMA gives away 3 beautiful Yves Saint Laurents Sets with the Shimmer Rush All Over Palette and the Shimmer Rush Face Palette. 
Shimmer Rush All Over Palette
Saint Laurent, Shimmer Rush Face Palette

Win a Make Up Pallet by Saint Laurent

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Make-Up pallets by Nars

5 reasons to buy the latest palettes for spring:

  1. You can mix two or more colours together to create individual shades
  2. Do the 3D-effect by using a light shade first on your lid and then blend a darker shade from the outside eye corner
  3. They are just great, and you want to have it – maybe just to show it to your friends
  4. You dare to try new colours you normally won’t use. But it’s here, so let’s do it
  5. A lot of palettes are created by make-up artists with matching colours or the latest trend shades that work perfect together
  6. Ok, there is one more reason: they are the perfect travel items, because you don’t have to carry heavy luggage, you need just one box

Good to know about make-up products:
On the backside of each product you find a small icon like an opened powder box with a number in it. This number shows the quantity of month your make-up could be used after the first opening. After that time, you should buy a new one.
IRMAs Tipp: If you always use a very clean brush to apply the make-up you can use it a bit longer.

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