Chanel Munich opened its new boutique and IRMA selected her favorite look

When I was asked to select a favorite item from the #DataBase collection spring/summer 2017, it was an easy task to pick a signature jacket by Coco Chanel at the first floor of the store’s private dressing rooms for the opening party last week.

First I was tempted to take the tailored and perfectly fitted jacket. There are so many with interesting mixtures of different coloured boucles but currently my mind is set on a more leasure to wear piece of CHANEL like the Bomber.

This one is made of vibrant colours, neon Velcro fasteners and sleeves that make your Haute Couture dream come true. It is perfect with extra large jeans and also their lace slip dresses with a pair of sneakers. The idea is to make this jacket effortless, matching your daywear with all the rest of your closet.

Have a look at my Chanel wishlist this season, all pieces of which make statements and are easy to mix and match. And by the way, visit the new boutique on Munich’s Maximilianstrasse 6.

The new Gabrielle bag
Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD in the private dressing room of the newly opened CHANEL boutique on Maximilianstrasse 6, Munich
Coffeetable books get you in the Coco mood on the first floor of the boutique
It’s either a ballerina, a sneaker or a sequin-studded lace-up shoe to match the new collection
The original runway look of my favorite Chanel jacket of the season
If I can only get one shoe this spring, I go for the sequin booty
The Cruise Collection 2017 – Les Indispensables de l’Eté to get the runway look from the Chanel summer collection