Castel Fragsburg, an inspiring stay

A stay at the Hotel Castel Fragsburg, a member of Relais et Chateaux, is not just about recharging your batteries, but more about the inspiration and vision you will take home from this place. High above the valley of Merano and nestled against the southern slopes of the Dolomites, Castel Fragsburg offers some of the most spectacular views of South Tyrol and the surrounding countryside.
Once you arrive at the hotel, the highest above Meran and next to the highest waterfall in the region, you will not want to leave, but rather go for walks through the wild flowers and vineyards surrounding the hotel.

Originally a 17th century hunting lodge of noble origin, this small luxury hotel has traditional charm and effortless authenticity. Privately owned since 1955, the owner, Alexander Ortner, embodies this effortless luxury in a very welcoming way that immediately makes you feel at home. I meet him in the morning for a yoga class at the old Burg, which he also owns now – it was converted into a hotel in the 1970s and there are many details that he would rather get rid of than keep. He bought this jewel next to his hotel at auction and is now waiting for his sons to develop it properly after they finish their studies in architecture and marketing.

Beautiful lunch spot on the balcony of the Hotel Castel Fragsburg

The character of the place reflects the unspoilt, magnificent landscape, which will give you all the energy you need to recharge and relax.
Not only in the Alchemistic Healing Spa Castellum Natura, run by Renate de Mario Gamper, who knows the power of plants and the traditional medicine of the region. She takes guests on a tour to show them the best and simplest ways to heal and relax using plants and the power of nature. Read more in our article for the November issue of Sotheby’s Realty Magazine.

Castel Fragsburg. Picture: © Hannes Niederkofler

Another authentic treat is the fine-dining restaurant, Prezioso, with creative dishes inspired by the location, under the direction of Michelin-starred chef Egon Heiss. The hotel cultivates a small range of local vegetables and has a Soul Garden project for local underprivileged children to harvest their own sustainable organic vegetable garden.
Breakfast is also thoughtfully prepared. Organic eggs, charcuterie and cheeses, a rotating selection of fresh juices and smoothies, yoghurt, fruit, homemade bread, cakes and a range of superfoods from spirulina to chia seeds are on the daily menu, as well as homemade cakes for afternoon tea in the garden.

Castel Fragsburg Paternum

Just a two-night stay will replenish your energy, as it is a good mix of rest, indulgence and self-care with the knowledge you gain about yoga, farming, gardening and the power of nature.

Only local products. Cheese for breakfast


Reading in the Park


Yoga at the Castel Fragsburg