Shiseido Waso – food for your skin

SHISEIDO WASO – Five ingredients, seven products

Have you ever noticed the blossom of the carrot? (In the vase on the left of our slider) You probably have, without noticing that this pretty flower is much more than an ordinary flower. You might find it in summer bouquets, especially during August and from today you’ll also find the power of the carrot in the new SHISEIDO skincare line WASO.

Why carrots are good for you
As we know the carrot is packed with Provitamin A, which our organism transforms into Vitamin A, that is good for your skin and eyesight, because it is important for the growth of many cells. But remember: it’s fat-soluble, so always enjoy your carrot, whether as a juice, salad or snack, with some high-quality oil. Besides, the carrot comes with minerals and trace elements like calcium, selenium und folic acid, supporting your body’s defenses — in addition to shiny, healthy hair and nails.

The new WASO skin line by Shiseido has all the natural power for a well balanced and healthy skin, IRMA tried it out.

How the carrot gets into your cream jar
It’s quite simple. The carrot gets extracted (there are different ways, for example with carbon dioxide, or steam distillation) and the extract is absorbed by a carrier oil, often jojoba oil, as in the SHISEIDO WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream and the tinted Color-Smart Day Moisturizer . There it moistures the skin, and the carrot-oil also balances combination skin, that so called „Millennials“ often have to get on with. But it also helps dry skin, reduces the look of pores and calms, so it is even a perfect match for after-sun care products.

These three products always travel with me . I believe that cleansing your skin well is already half way to a perfect skin.

Carrot state of mind
Nature is so obvious when you have the time to think about and see it from a different angle. It is said, that carrot oil not only calms your skin but your mind and also has a strengthening effect giving you (self-)confidence. Consider the Daucus Carota with its long shrub and the umbel blossom, how it stands out of a summer-meadow. And even when it withers, it protects its core, while it tends to the blossom’s centre, where it has a single purple blossom under many tiny white ones. So take your time while standing in front of your bathroom shelf, using the new SHISEIDO WASO skincare which contains five more products for a whole routine: take at least one deep breath, center your thoughts, rise your chest and start your day with confidence – maybe a purple lipstick just gives you that last bit of balanced strength.

What you always wanted to know about carrots (or not)
I’ve come across the curious fact that roasted and grounded carrots can be used as a coffee-replacement. Well, I haven’t tried it so far. If you are keen on trying, please let me know about your experience.

There is a lot to be said for the carrot greens, especially using it in green juices and smoothies. But for some reason, many greens have some ingredients not very helpful for our organism and metabolism, if not even poisonous when enjoyed raw. But what you could do: hack the green juice movement by hacking the carrot green and stewing it as a delicious vegetable.

Thank you, SHISEIDO & power to the carrot!


All seven new products by the WASO skincare line from Shiseido . Vase by Vinini, sculpture by Gretel Gemmert,