Bulgari and Fornasetti team up for their latest Curiosity Shop in Rome

Bulgari teamed up with Fornasetti for its new Curiosity Shop in Rome

The latest talked about retail interior comes from Rome where Bulgari, the historic Rome-based company, teamed up with the Milanese atelier Fornasetti to celebrate the art of wonder.

Now you can buy jewellery, accessories and watches in an exclusive collection based on experimentation, extravagance and daring explorations.

Bulgari’s new Curiosity Shop is at elegant Via dei Condotti in Rome

The new space, which opened its doors in December 2017 alongside the historic shop in Via dei Condotti, houses some of the most iconic and representative pieces of Fornasetti’s design. The well-known hand-lacquered wooden furniture, magic mirrors and porcelain and gold dishes on an astronomical theme are striking in their irony and their touch of madness, and are perfectly in tune with this unique and original space.

Bulgari’s new Curiosity Shop in Rome

Why does Bulgari call its latest venue a Curiosity Shop? Because Sotiro Bulgari who first opened the prestigious location at number 10, Via dei Condotti in 1905, called it the “Old Curiosity Shop”. The collection of objects displayed in this workshop did not betray the expectations created by the name: It was a real cabinet of wonders, exhibiting marvelous and surprising creations, curiosities and mirabilia.

The new Curiosity Shop will stay true to its name by the ongoing eclectic creativity, a constantly changing showcase in which to display and illustrate new themes.

Be entertained next time you visit Rome and watch out: the house of wonder has no limits.

Bulgari’s new Curiosity Shop in Rome is a house of wonders.