Bow time

Perhaps no shape in fashion is as divisive as the bow. Some bows suggest chic girlishness, some prep style, and some immediately conjure up a brand like Chanel. But whatever the connotations, the bow is a silhouette that carries a lot of symbolism and always elicits a strong reaction.

There are some designers who are strongly identified with the bow. Chanel, Rochas, Giambattista Valli, Richard Quinn, Comme des Garcons and many more. Take a ribbon and a bow and you can add an ultra feminine touch to almost any garment or accessory.

The bow itself dates back to ancient times. A set of Sumerian gold hair ribbons dating from 2600 to 2500 BC can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But “bows as we think of them today came about in the Middle Ages with the introduction of ribbon, made possible by the invention of the horizontal loom”.
In the 16th and 17th centuries, the bow became popular with all genders, including men, who wore it in their hair or around their necks. “Wearing a bow tied to a long lock of hair was called a ‘love lock’; the lock of hair was usually grown longer than the rest of the hair, then braided and placed on the chest and tied with a bow. The bow represented romance because it was close to the heart and when you tie something with a bow it automatically reflects elegance, glow and femininity.

More recently, bows have been used in interiors and table decorations. For the holidays, bows are a must. Around your Christmas wreath, at the door and decorative around candle holders.
We also love them as belts, on shoes, as hair clips and of course around the neck on blouses and shirts.

Hair band from Prada, Adven wreath, CALA Emerald blouse


Candle bow made with fabric from La Maison Pierer Frey
Gift wrapping must have a bow, Gucci evening bag with bow clip. Cala Memphis pale pink bow blouse, Resort by Jasmin Khezri collection, candle bow 


Decorate your Advent wreath with this set of four bows , for candles and a Christmas wreath



Diamante studded velvet bow by Miu Miu, Chanel symbolizes the bow as its main identity, Candle bow with fabric by La Maison Pierre Frey, A look from the new Métier d`Art Chanel show in Manchester, Suede kitten heels by Aquazzura



Our Pom Pom belts make great bows on cardigans and belts around the hips
Our 2023 Advent wreath with silk and cotton ribbons by La Maison Pierre Frey, diamond ring by Tiffany & Co, satin sling backs by Roger Vivier, open-toed shoes with huge bows by Loewe, the pussycat bow became an iconic fashion statement in the 1970s.



Our extra long Pom Pom belts make great bows.