How to wear it

We had a little chat with Greta Miftaraj, our house model, who wears our collection as effortlessly cool as we like to see it. She is a student of Fashion Marketing & Management and a traveller who sees fashion and the business behind it from a different perspective.

IRMA: How would you describe your personal style?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: I love experimenting with different trends while maintaining a touch of classic elegance. I am also very baggy, playful and timeless.

IRMA: What have you learnt from modelling for your career and your studies in fashion management?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: Modelling and studying Fashion Management has taught me the importance of branding, understanding consumer behaviour and the complex dynamics of the fashion industry.
It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about strategic communication and market analysis. All in all, I can say that after all these years of modelling, I am now really confident and I know what I can contribute to the industry.

Prepping the Jasmin Khezri Collection Winter 2004 Lookbook

IRMA: Modelling different fabrics and styles gives you a great knowledge of the industry, what is your conclusion so far, where do you think the journey is going?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: Modelling different clothing styles has given me a deep insight into the evolution of the industry. I believe that fashion’s journey is increasingly moving towards sustainability, inclusivity and innovation, catering to diverse tastes and embracing ethical practices. I also think that my journey in the fashion industry will certainly be focused on one of these aspects.

Fitting Winter 2004. Jasmin Khezri Collection

IRMA: For your job you travel around the world and get to know different styles, cultures and trends in different countries, how does this influence your perception of fashion images and your own style?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: Travelling for work exposes me to different cultures, styles and trends around the world. It greatly influences my perception of fashion imagery by broadening my aesthetic horizons and shaping my own style to incorporate diverse elements from different cultures. After a few years in the fashion industry, you know what you like and what you dislike. So after every trip – I’ll have a new style 🙂

IRMA: What media influences you the most?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: I find that digital platforms like Instagram, TikTok and fashion blogs are the most influential media for me. They offer a real-time representation of trends and styles worldwide.

Greta is wearing a coat from the winter 2023 collection.

IRMA: What books do you have on your bedside table?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: I currently have Lost Connection by Johann Hari on my bedside table.

IRMA: Tell us about a beauty ritual you have learnt on your travels that has made a difference?
GRETA MIFTARAJ: While travelling in Seoul, I learned about a Korean skincare regimen that involved double cleansing followed by layering light moisturising products. This ritual significantly improved the texture and radiance of my skin and prompted a positive change in my beauty routine. I am truly in love with Korean skincare.

Jasmin Khezri and Greta Miftaraj