Beauty while you sleep


It sounds like a dream: getting beautiful over night. The new highly concentrated serums and elixirs promise just that. So after some research, IRMA decided to try and test the Babor night ampoules – and was so impressed with the results, that she had to know more about it. She talked with Andrea Weber, the research & development coordinator at Babor, about how to achieve the best results for smooth, plump skin and how to best care for your skin between seasons and while travelling.

IRMA: Beauty while you sleep. How does the Ampoule Concentrates FP Promo Fluid Nacht work while you sleep?
Andrea Weber: The new ampoule relies on our knowledge of our chronobiology. Our skin has its own schedule – during the day it fights environmental stress, during the night it is all about regeneration. That is why the ampoule contains three highly regenerative ingredients.

IRMA: How come that during the night all ingredients have a much more powerful effect?
A.W.: It’s not all ingredients that have a more powerful effect during the night, but a selection. During the night the skin regenerates intensely, which is why actives that push regeneration have a better effect during the night.

IRMA: Why should I use the Nacht Ampoule for 7 nights?
A.W.: All our ampoules are designed as an intensive treatment for at least 7 days/nights. They are a special treat for your skin whenever it is in need of a “little extra.” You have a quick fix when using only one ampoule, but the effect is more sustainable when you use the ampoules as a treatment over 7 days. You see even better results if you use them for four weeks – according to the natural renewal process of your skin.

IRMA: How can I prepare my skin ideally before I go to bed?
A.W.: Always cleanse your skin with a mild cleansing that is gentle to the skin’s lipid barrier. The hydro lipid barrier is your skin’s protective shield and the very core of a beautiful complexion. That is why gentle cleansing is important.

IRMA: Can I mix the serum of the Nacht Ampoule also into my night cream or is it more effective to use it before, separately?
A.W.: It is more effective when used separately before you apply your cream, because the elixir is designed to penetrate directly into the skin. The ampoule contains the perfect amount of actives for one single use.

IRMA: What does Cosmeceuticals mean for Babor?
A.W.: Cosmeceuticals stand for high-performance cosmetics that are almost as effective as it were prescribed by a doctor. Just like doctors, cosmeceuticals aim to combat symptoms and solve problems. The specific concentration of active ingredients is geared to the individual skin requirements. These tailor-made specialists are developed by interdisciplinary teams of scientists and doctors in order to provide a better understanding of their effects in the skin and lead to the creation of even more effective products.

IRMA: Babor is known for their ampoule formula, which we like because you can take it easily on your travels and the dosage is always right. But what was the initial idea behind the Babor ampoule?
A.W.: The idea for the small glass vials came from medicine. BABOR was founded by a chemist and was made an international company by a pharmacist – no wonder the inspiration derived from medicine. The idea was to use the perfect concentration of active ingredients, sealed in glass so that they are always super fresh and have an immediate effect.

IRMA: Do you plan on opening more Babor Institutes like the one in Berlin at Französische Strasse?
A.W.: We are very happy to have the new Babor Institute in Berlin. Of course we are thinking of options and locations to open more flagships.

IRMA: What would be the ideal treat for a beauty care at the Babor Institute for your skin between seasons?
A.W.: In spring use a mild peeling and an intensive ampoule treatment to refresh your skin for the summer months. Never forget sunscreen! In autumn start an intensive renewal treatment with microdermabrasion or microneedling.

IRMA: Can I store my ampoules in a refrigerator? And would they be more effective?
A.W.: There is no skincare-related benefit of storing ampoules in the fridge, sorry. It might only feel even a little fresher.

Ampulle_BlackIRMA: Which type of skincare or ampoule would you suggest after a long-distance flight?
A.W.: The humidity level in an aircraft cabin is usually around 20 percent, but our skin needs 50 percent humidity. When travelling, most skincare is all about lipids and destressing. The dry air upsets the balance of the skin’s protective barrier – the hydrolipid mantle. Skin now needs lipids to strengthen the skin’s vital barrier function. Because when the skin’s barrier is weak the skin loses moisture and reacts more sensitive to environmental stresses. That is why at the same time the skin needs lots of moisture to refresh. The ideal products to deal with the stresses of travelling are ampoules that combine a moisturizing phase and a lipid phase.

This post was made possible with the kind support of Babor.