Beauty and the hotel bathroom

Aren’t hotel bathrooms exciting? What kind of materials are used, how is the interior arranged and designed and (hopefully) is there a bathtub and are the towels extra fluffy? And of course what assortment of amenitiess do they offer? IRMA always loves to discover the new, but somehow you might even feel more at ease with a very personal bathroom essential. Let IRMA inspire you by her top hotel bathrooms and some new and classic beauty essentials.

Tilden Hotel, San Francisco

TILDEN HOTEL, San Francisco, USA

As effortless as the design of this bathroom, as unlaboured should you plan your trip to this very city. Keep it simple with just the necessary Aesop kit essentials.


Aesop Home Room Spray Istros



Amanemu, Shima, Japan

AMANEMU, Luxury Resort & Onsen Spa, Shima, Japan

If you have a dream come true, experiencing an AMANEMU Wellness Immersion, you won’t need any beauty essentials because you’ll be taken care of with individualized spa treatments all day long. If you are more into exploring the UNESCO World-Heritage Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trails, but still want to embrace the natural surroundings and Onsen-tradition, you best go for organic treats like SUSANNE KAUFMANN’S Ginger Oil, which helps the skin to detox while you are exploring this beautiful landscape.





Hotel San Cristóbal, Mexico

HOTEL SAN CRISTOBAL, Todos Santos, Mexico 

Maybe it is your honey- or babymoon or your long-awaited annual vacation. You wouldn’t get enough of this sea breeze, right? So dive into that tub, not only with a view but with outdoor benefits, and relax. And then let JO MALONE’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Cream top this state of relaxation for the rest of the evening.


Jo-Malone Wood-Sage Sea Salt BodyCream




Hobo Hotel, Stockholm

HOBO HOTEL, Stockholm, Sweden

Imagine yourself on a business trip: CAUDALIE’s Eau de Beauté is your companion while finishing your make-up before you’re heading to that important meeting. Mint and lemon balm refresh and minimize pores before your lunch-date. Maybe you’ll need another quick refresh in the afternoon. And after a long day it scents the air of your hotel room as well as your pillow, with calming orange-blossom.

Eau-de-Beauté 20 years