Beautiful Line

Ruben Toledo at work in his studio in New York City and details from his desk which reflect the colourful play of the shades in the palettes and the artistic drawing on the packaging outside

New York: The former fashion designer Isabel and her husband, the well-known illustrator Ruben Toledo, lend their vibrant eye for fashion and art to a collection of irreverent colour designed to inspire endless play and variations with your make-up.  The products are of course all packaged in his typical line and make a beautiful impression in your make-up pouch.
IRMA wanted to find out how to use it best and had a quick talk with our guest editor, Senior Make-Up Artist Christina Vacirca.

IRMA: Which is the signature piece of the new Toledo Collection for MAC?

CHRISTINA VACIRCA: It is definitely the red lipstick in all its different hues. Isabel Toledo always wears her red lipstick, it is a signature to her look.

IRMA: Now red lipstick seems like the must-have accessory, like a bag or my sunglasses.

C.V.: Yes and it is great that you can wear it in so many different ways. First of all it has to be the right day, you don’t feel wearing bright red lips every day, right?

IRMA: Yes, but when I don’t feel like it, I could just use the lip-gloss in a red hue which is more natural.

C.V.: Yes, exactly, or just a red lip liner which you blend in and top with some protecting lip balm.

IRMA. How about the beautiful eye shadow palettes, the colours look vibrant and almost like out of a paint box?

C.V: The very vibrant colours can be used as a line under the eye or on top of the outer lid. Just use a fine brush and paint your lines.
I always use the colour-infused brush first on the balm of my hand before painting directly on the eye, that way I get a better feeling of how intense the coloured line will get. The same with the eye pencils. They are extremely soft when you put them on the skin and dry up immediately so they do not smear.

IRMA: And the rouge, what is you beauty tip?

C.V.: I use it in different ways, because the palette comes in many rainbow hues. Either use a brush all over for an ultimate colour mix for your cheeks or use only the colours you like to accentuate your face with, maybe you need a light peach hue for your upper eyelid and some pink for your cheeks.
The palettes are put together in a way that you really should enjoy playing around with them and have fun.

IRMA: Thank you Christina, I will.

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