ZURICH. I meet Tanja Medweth, the co-founder (together with Irene Grimm) of the Swiss brand Alpha sense, on a sunny morning on the shores of Lake Zurich. We are planning to take walk at the lake and talk about legs. Yes, a pair of beautiful, trained, slim legs you possibly get when you use the Alpha Sense body kit regularly and live a healthy lifestyle. I really want to know, how this works?

IRMA: How did you choose theses six products, could you explain the importance of each product and how they work together?
TANJA MEDWETH:It is important that you tackle the problem of cellulite from inside & outside (therefore the 6 products in the large package are designed to work together). All “evil” is produced in the intestine (from our diet, many foods make “sour” – sugar unfortunately too!). Cellulite are intracellular embedded slags that become visible with us women as the unpopular dings. Therefore, Basic Powder from “inside” so that the acid-base balance is kept and Detox Tea will to transport the slags, previously loosened by the roller. The roller triggers the slags, as mentioned, stimulates blood circulation and lymph. The mask helps in releasing the fat depots and is introduced by wearing the pant into the skin. Pants makes a local temperature rise by the compression and heating effect is lost in extent. The final step is the Firming Gel that tightens and counteracts skin aging. To whom 6 steps are too much trouble, they can also start with the “modern shaping package,” Pant, scooters and gel .53

IRMA: I like the idea of wearing my slimming pants every day, because they actually look cool. How do you wear them, so they are on top of my SS15 Must Have looks?
T.M.: Ipersonally wear them now in the winter as “black leggings” with a chunky knit sweater, fur vest, boots, cap.

The ¾ Pant I wear just for sport. I got rid of all other sports pant! You get a great effect in sport, you are sweating and then the legs become more slender and more toned …

Now in the winter I wear the pant even for sleeping (my husband finds the hardly sexy, I can’t blame him ☺

IRMA: Is there a trick how to use the Body Shaping Mask in combination with the sliming pants most comfortably?
T.M: : I have to admit that a third of the sachet is enough for me. I always close the package with a paper clip and continue using it the next day.

In the beginning, many women will react to it with red legs and possibly a tingling sensation. But this is a very positive sign, because the blood flow was then well excited.

If the mask is not confortable, you can do everything without the mask. What’s important is that you wash the pant after each use with the mask at 30 °, reversed hang to dry, then it dries quicker.

IRMA: I can imagine that the mask, which will heat up under the pants when it reacts on the skin, might be a bit uncomfortable. Is there a trick to make it bearable?

T.M.: No, if you want beautiful legs you have to get through with it. it’s bearable!

But as I said, I used the mask not every time, and not the whole sachet . Important all the other steps.

IRMA: How can I use the products most effectively and save time when applying the program?
T.M.: In the morning I always make a pot with Herbal Tea and drink it throughout the day. I use the Roller before showering, that stimulates the blood circulation and wakes me up. When I wear the pants as “leggings” I do not use the mask. If I use the mask, then never without the pants on.

Sometimes I wear the pants 6 hours, but afterwards you have the feeling, now I must get out of them!
Then I climb in my loose-fitting jeans, put the gel on and off I go. Very important to take the Basic Powder every evening 2 hours after eating. I think it tastes awful, but you do anything for beauty and health.

IRMA: I am travelling a lot; do I always have to take everything with me?
T.M.:No, if I fly, I prefer the long Pant even in an airplane, since you do not get swollen legs due to compression!

I always travel with the pants, the scooter and the gel.

IRMA: If I have overindulged myself one day with all the things I should avoid , what can I do to get back on track?

T.M.:I’m not a fan of prohibiting certain food, that only leads to cravings. However, one should reduce Sweets, softdrinks and alcohol. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and resist cabohydrates in the evening.

Those who are not sporty should at least take the stairs. There are a few things you can do just incidentally. Try it, you will see.


IRMA: I will try that and order my Body Shaping kit today at