Back to girlisme. A Make-Up Trend for Summer 2020 for now

The Summer 2020 show had Chanel girls walking on rooftops through Paris and there are many new tendencies which shout Girlisme is back. Rosy cheeks, natural glooming eyes and lips that look like you just had strawberries and cream. Chanel’s Make-Up Artist Lucia Pica rounded it up in her interview after the summer 2020 Pret-a-Porter show last week in Paris.

Chanel summer 2020 make-up
Chanel summer 2020 make-up

We summarized her Beauty tips:

  • Transparent lips with just a hint of ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER Radical on the middle of the lips and blending out into nothing to the edges of the mouth
  • Get a glow and healthy skin by using the bronze balm BAUME ESSENTIEL Golden Light. Use it across the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones.
  • Add freckles by using a waterproof eye or brow liner in your natural skin tone color. That gives you a sun kissed look.
Balmain brush, Celine summer 2020. IRMA x Casa Nata
Westman Atelier, Chanel beauty 2020


  • Hair comes natural and a beach wave look is easily created by using a round brush, maybe combined with some hair oil for dry ends. We love Leonor Greyl Hair oil.
  • Do not take a deep red, but rather a reddish coral tone which is less drastic and works softer to many skin tones.
  • Scarfs are a must have accessory for your head and hair in summer to come. Use materials with lurex (Celine) details for a shine and glow on to your face.
  • Legs are bare, firm and ready for short skirts to wear. Walk as much as you can, go for a swim and massage your calves every night with a Detox Ginger Oil by Susanne Kaufmann.
  • Colours are vibrant and mixed up. You will see a lot of red and pink in the mix.
  • All you need is a beauty crayon, not only for your browns but also as an eyeliner, for drawn freckles and maybe even used as a dark eyeshadow all over your lid. Make sure the liner is waterproof, when used for freckles and super soft when used as an eyeliner.
Miu Miu summer 2020
Chanel, summer 2020