A home story about a place bringing new ideas together

Maybe you have already seen my business portrait at Madame Magazine in the January 2019 issue. The article describes brilliantly to the point what IRMASWORLD is all about.
Many ideas just come out of this place we life and also work from time to time.

The apartment not only brings our family together but inspires me always for new ideas and projects, although we have been living here for many years and only small changes are being made.

It is a place where we sit together on a big table and come up with new designs like our limited Art T-Shirts or products for a home and living client coming soon next spring.

Browse through the gallery and see what makes this place special for us:

This place does not have a bloomy garden or terrace that is why I am drawn to everything that makes a room like an outside place. Plants, floral objects and garden furniture’s, they all make a simple room as if living outdoors, Artwork by Adriana Czenin. I am wearing vintage Prada pants and a mohair sweater by Valentino.  Pictures: © Sammy Hart


I use most rooms also as a studio, the light is brilliant and I like to incorporate authentic props which stand for me, like the bronze sculpture of my grandfather the sculptor Carl Vilz and my illustration art. Bag by MIU MIU, Winter 2019, Picture: © Jasmin Khezri


This place is no big news everything belongs to us since many years, like for example the acrylic glass table which I inherited by my parents from the 70s, parts of my grandfather’s sculptures and as many plants , branches and blossoms as the vase can hold. Red tray by Schoenbuch, bakelite jewellery by Prada Resort 2019. I am wearing pants by Rijina Pyo Winter 2018, blouse by Jil Sander Winter 2018, loafers by Hermès.


Found objects become the centre of attention like these two stools I found at a dealer in London and made up with textiles by Hermès. I could not live without books, the more the better, they are put randomly into the Dieter Rams shelfs which makes it hard to find what I am looking for but sometimes exactly this draws me to new ideas and perspectives Picture left: © Sammy Hart Picture right © Jasmin Khezri, I am wearing a dress by La Double J Winter 2018


Colours make my work aesthetic in my illustrations, the way I get dressed and also how I put my tableware together. It is a mix and match that harmoniously works out for me. Right Side: An effortless composition of a stool which I also use as a table, a relief at the wall which had been done by the previous owner and a pencil drawing by artist Clemens Pasch, lamp bought in London by Jim & Davidson, Notting Hill.Pictures © Sammy Hart
I am wearing a turtle neck by arket, blouse by Vintage Love and black pants by The Row, earrings by Mango


Read the full article at the latest issue of MADAME January 2019


Mornings in my kitchen only look like this when Natalie Manchot, Fashion Director of MADAME,  comes by and throws an amazing piece like this Etro cape over my shoulders  but the light is always great in the morning and being surrounded by my balcony flowers and artwork on the wall simply makes me happy.  Right: One of my first artworks when I started to collect art, the “Guitar Girl” by Yoshitomo Nara and lots of petrol blue by Farrow and Balls. FOTOS: ©Sammy Hart