Are scented matches the new room fragrance?

scented matches by Cire Trudon
Photo: Andreas Achmann ©

There is no better way to light a candle or a fire than with these long-stemmed, scented matches by Cire Trudon, probably the most luxurious of all candle brands. Not only are they ultra-long and lean, at 22 centimetres the supermodels among matches, so to speak. They are also exquisitely fragranced, releasing the beloved Cire Trudon scents.

My favourite is “Joséphine”, named after Napoleon’s great love, Joséphine de Beauharnais. After he divorced her for not giving him an heir, she retreated to Malmaison castle and started her legendary garden full of exotic flowers. These scented matches release an exotic bouquet of Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine and Chinese camellia along with sandalwood, musk, lime and bergamot   – you can almost imagine Joséphine walking through her fragrant garden. So what better way to subtly fragrance a room than to keep these matches in their half-opened, beautifully illustrated box.