Apps that make my life easy


NEW YORK: The year is still young and among our New Year’s resolutions is the vow to simplify our lives. And indeed, the next generation of apps really make our life easier. IRMA asked me to put together my favorite apps, all of them savvy, time-saving tools, and all available on your smartphone.


Whenever I like to save videos, photos, texts etc. for later, and indeed all in one place so nothing gets lost anymore, I can do that all with one click. So I can collect first, and then sort out later.

GREAT if you’re looking for things, for creative work, or just to read something later.


Watching the animations alone makes you want to try this out… They say that Headspace does for meditation what Jamie Oliver did for cooking: it became easy and fun and makes you healthier. And we know there is serious science behind the effects of meditation.

GREAT: You can customize what you want to address: work, relationship, creativity etc. etc.


I like lists, I like being organized, so this is my app of choice. I also can share projects and lists with team members or family.

GREAT: Thanks to Wunderlist, I can just put it on my list and out of my head.


Keeps me busy and I learn a new language…  I am not a fan of games on my phone, but this app gives me the playful feeling while learning something…. and my French really needed a touch up.

SHYP (just USA)

“If it fits, it ships,” so does UPS say. But watch out: Thanks to this app I do not have to worry about boxes, packing labels, cues at the post office etc.  They pick it up and do ALL the rest.

Pick-up is usually in 20 minutes, and prices are totally competitive.

At the moment just in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago.


This beauty app is the one I kind of like. All the others beauty apps are cheesy and want to absolutely sell you something.