Apartment MUSTS


Match accessory that goes in your apartment with something that stays. For example a freshly cut flower bouquet matching your favourite carpet or a plaid that gives your couch a certain twist.


Do not match but mix for an unusual appeal – vintage pottery with fine china porcelain works great if you stay in the same colour scheme.


I like to use coffee table books as little pedestals and stools to place vases, art objects or sculptures. You can use similar coloured books for a soft and elegant appeal or put the books together so that they create a rainbow colour scheme. The benefit is that you can change height, colours and position how and whenever you want to.


Create your own personal picture wall with all the images that make you happy or inspire you. Have several ones in each room that match the purpose of the interior. For example, the kitchen with food photography and illustrations, the dressing room with your favourite fashion photography and outfit clippings and your bedroom with calming imagery that makes you dream.


Take your favourite clothes and integrate them into your interior. There are several advantages in doing so: First it looks decorative and the mix of prints and materials can add an interesting level and colour swatch to a room and secondly it will always give you subconsciously ideas  on what to wear and how to combine it. I always have my favourite coat or jacket hung decoratively in the hallway. It almost works like a wallpaper or painting.