ILLUSTRATION is fun, just look at Balenciaga, Chloe, Dior…

We like to illustrate parts of our life and we are more than happy to see that lately illustration, if we might say so, have become part of a fashionable lifestyle. More than ever illustrations are present around us, and, as seen in the latest Fashion Week shows, designers like Prada (Fall/ Winter 2017), Balenciaga and Chloe (Summer 2018), just to name a few, are into the illustrated image for their collections.

Think of your interior and add some illustrated life to it. Just have a look at the Pierre Frey tissue or wallpaper (see below) which sits on our entrance hall at the IRMASWORLD hub.

Illustration is just another dimension and don’t worry if you can’t draw, just help yourself, there are so much illustrated pattern designs and drawn images out right now.

CHLOE, Spring 2018, Paris Fashion Week
Pierre Frey textile design
Balenciaga, Spring 2018, Paris Fashion Week
Christian Dior, Spring 2018, Paris Fashion Week
@lamaisonpierrefrey multicolor wallpaper. Photo by @meghanmcneer #SOdomino from the home of @vadisturner
Christian Dior, Spring 2018, Paris Fashion Week
Jasmin Khezri of IRMASWORLD in Prada


Gianvito Rossi