An art inspired day at the Côte d’Azur

Let me tell you how that comes together.

Tartare de Boeuf at Le Park 45; Musee Fernand Léger in Biot

Fernand Leger is an artist I looked up to since my time at Parsons School of Design studying Fine Arts. I love his colour combinations, graphic shapes and use of typography in his paintings. He is known for his black outline and maybe in my subconscious I adopted that black line for my own illustration style with IRMA.

Petites huitres en gelée de Champagne, at Le Grand Hotel, in Cannes

The Museum is located in Biot which Is only 20 minutes away from Cannes where I had been invited for lunch to taste the culinary art of one of the most talked about chefs in France at the moment, Monsieur Christophe Poard.


Chef Christophe Poard, Le Park 45, Cannes

Monsieur Poard is the new Chef at LE PARK 45, the garden restaurant of Le Grand Hotel a classic since the 50ies when the hotel got renovated in a more modern version of a Grand Hotel for that time, compared to Le Carlton and Majestic. Christophe Poard is known for taking something good and making it exceptional. He creates and produces fine and delicate contemporary cuisine with clear, precise flavours, built on authentic foundations.

Le Grand Hotel, Cannes

For example, does he combine snails and nettles, beef with seafood notes, poultry and coffee, just to give you an idea of bringing out a third, subliminal taste set off by spices.

We had Tartare de bœuf fumé au caviar and Médaillon de Homard Breton which was served on beautiful plates created by the potter artist Agnes Sandale in Vallaurice. The choice of menu could not have been more appropriate for this lunch on the terrace overlooking La Croisette and the sea.

Heavenly desert: Le Khéops, biscuit chocolat et sa ganache montée, nougatine et sa glace café

As a conclusion I think the idea of stimulating your senses in the search of art, culinary skills, music, etc. it could not have been a more inspirational day.

Whatever you do in live, do something you are not doing every day. Visiting museums, going to a restaurant you might not think of in your daily routine or book a ticket to a theatre play, concert, etc. make a great difference.

Le Grand Hotel, Cannes

Try to find two to three things for a day and see what happens at night. A day like this for sure is a great treat and makes you sensible to new things.