Colour crash: White on white

White on white looks easy and relaxed, like a simple bouquet of open tulips in spring. When I think of white I think of bright white, tall buildings by Richard Meier, the architect whose signature is to create large white walls in his buildings. I think of the white suits and outfits that made pop bands like Boney M, Georgio Moroder and Donna Summer famous at the beginning of the 80s. It seemed that white was the colour of that area, crisp and shiny. Think the white Ferrari Testarossa in Miami Vice. White pearl eye shadow and nail polish, white lacquered furniture and white chintz curtains, extra-long so that they almost looked like ball gowns.

white strap bag by Loewe and different kinds of white paint by Farrow & Ball

White is back, but differently. No more shine but rather matt and slightly off in tone. A white accessory makes a fashion look rather interesting, slightly off. Think of white pumps and bags. White walls will be in your house soon, or maybe a white floor ?

Keep an eye on white pleats. They come to live when they move, skirt by The Row Resort 2018

We love the mix of bright white with eggshell white whether you wear it, live in it or drive it , the colour white has something smoothing, rather calming think of, milk .The way the lettering looks and sound in this word makes you go to sleep.

Erdem Resort 2019 makes the perfect pointed white shoe and boot which makes me think of Richard Meier’s white buildings.

For example, the composer Erik Satie who was known for only eating white food like coconuts, white fish & poultry, ricotta cheese, etc…, think of his music and his nutrition habit.

Are we aiming again for simplicity and pureness? White might be the beginning or the answer to all that confusion out there.

Pleated coat by TOME and the organic shape of an Henri Moore sculpture make a perfect contrast.



White shoes by Miu Miu and bag and sunglasses by Celine, white shirtdress by TIBI and Jasmin wears sunglasses by Alaia, white suit and dress by Arket, silver mules Gucci