A Weekend in Paris


PARIS: Come to Paris for the weekend and stroll around town all day long. At night go out and enjoy the city at the places where the Parisians go and wear already the styles of the autumn 2015 collections. IRMA picked her favorite places.

CHEZ CASTEL: I love going for dinner with my Parisian friends to Chez Castel and dance in between repas to enjoy les nuits Parisiennes in Saint Germain.

LA BELLE EPOQUE: I always enjoyed the space and the French style that you have at La Belle Epoque. It is always the perfect spot to say:  “m’as-tu vu” and the people are very stylish, as if they have just stepped off the runway directly to La Belle Epoque.

LE BARBE A PAPA: The perfect place to enjoy a late lunch on Sunday. I like the cosy ambiance and great comfort food.

HOMIES: For lunch or dinner, Homies is the new place to enjoy good tapas. My favorite one is the Chicken Tandoori cooked at low temperature – un délice!

CAFE DE FLORE: The place to be no matter what time and which season you are in Paris. I love sitting on the terrace around 6 pm with a fresh glass of Chardonnay and watch the people from behind my French newspaper. A fantastic place to see some celebrities and the French fashionistas.

RESTAURANT CLOVER: The first time that I looked into the menu from the Clover restaurant, I found it all very interesting. I had a fantastic food experience when I tried my meal. Very original and tasteful. I love the idea of eating with your fingers for the first course. My favorite dish there is the steamed brioche with grated truffles or mushrooms or la Croûte de quinoa with aubergine and saté. Try it out, you will love it!

PISCINE MOLITOR: As I love to go swimming in the morning before I start my day, I was looking for a hotel with a nice pool. I found out that the iconic pool from the 1920s called Piscine Molitor re-opened last summer. The hotel is very nice and pool of course legendary!

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