8 Ways to Fall in Love with the Rain


MUNICH: Yes, we mean it, since you cannot change the weather anyway and summer rain is actually very romantic.

1. I no longer ask that question… oh no, it’s raining, what am I gonna wear today? I invest in a key rain piece like for example this season’s cap hat from Miu Miu’s resort collection, which is chic, protects me against the rain and puts the rest of my outfit together easily. A bandana, by Miu Miu, a pair of jeans, a navy sweater, a classic trench coat and some rainbow glasses to set some contrast.

2. I know, waking up and hearing the rain falling down is not a nice way to start your day, but getting into your cosy bed at night with the rain bashing at your windows is the cosiest feeling to fall asleep.

3. Actually forget about umbrellas, they are either in your way or you forget them somewhere. I keep it simple and wear hats, scarfs or plaids. Or just use your cape and wear it over your head.

4. What are the right shoes when it rains in summer? Sandals are not so bad when you wear them with platform soles, maybe the latest ones by Prada which also have plastic and foam rubber linings on the soles. I don’t want to cover my summer skin in wellingtons, so when it is getting chilly, wear some socks.

5. A transparent umbrella is not only good for security reasons. You can have a look all around and it keeps your outfit natural, instead of dealing with another accessory, like the umbrella itself.

6. You know the feeling when the weather forecast has just announced that it will be raining all week long. No worries, just wear appropriate clothes and plan your days according to the weather. Think of that week as getting all the leftover work done and when the sun comes out again there is lots of extra free time.

7. Rain makes your skin beautiful, so wear bare skin when you go for a walk in the woods, or if you are sure that you will not run into someone wear your favorite beauty mask which will react with double effect on your skin.

8. And finally, think about rain as the essence of life – plants need the water and we do as well, so all the positive effects should be on your mind even if you are getting soaking wet.

IRMA likes hat & scarf by MiuMiu (pre-fall 2015), rainbow glasses by Zara