A sporty day in St. Moritz


St. Moritz is the birthplace of winter sports. So let’s have a sporty day in the snow today. To start with, choose the perfect location and for us that is the Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains St. Moritz as it is located across the Signalbahn which brings you right up to the peak of Piz Nair. Get up early and have a swim in the hotel’s pool before breakfast, and my tip: take a quick sauna which really keeps you warm all day long. Then enjoy the super healthy home-made muesli and get as much energy as possible.
Pick up you ski pass from the Concierge and let the pros in the ski shop fit you out with the latest skiing gear.

Take your skis and walk to Signalbahn. Walking is much quicker. It’s just 10 minutes.
Spend the morning skiing at Corviglia, from Las Trais Fluors to Piz Nair and back to Randolins. Spoil yourself with a lunch at the El Paradiso. Very pricey, but the view and the food are amazing!
Ski down to Suvretta House, the grand dame of Grand Hotels, and take the bus across the valley to Surlej. Go up with the big cable car to the highest summit station in the Eastern Alps at an altitude of 3,303m. Nothing beats this spectacular panorama and the view over the famous glaciers.
The afternoon is also the best time for your final tour, down the Hahnensee piste, that ends right behind the Kempinski.

If you still have the energy to go on, change your skis for cross-country skiing. Directly behind the hotel passes the famous trail, part of the Engadin Skimarathon (more than 13.000 participants). Slide on towards Silvaplana. Alternatively you can experience the speed and thrill of the fastest of all the region’s toboggan runs, Muottas Muragl. You go up with a small train and run down with your toboggan. After such a long day in the cold, relax in the spa and warm yourself up.


This post was made possible through the friendly support of Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains St. Moritz