A pre- and post-detox guide by Dr. Giorgio Mazzola

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Every now and then I feel that things have to be moved into place again and a detox cure can help to restart, unwind and replace things that make us feel overcharged. I am not only talking about the extra kilo but more about the things that keep our minds busy and take all the energy from us.
And we sure know the wonderful feeling after a detox cure, the moment where everything feels just right again. To hold on to that feeling I had a chat with Dr. Giorgio Mazzola from the ADLER BALANCE Spa & Health Residenz in St. Ulrich in South Tyrol, which is a perfect destination for such a detox retreat, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Grödner Valley.

IRMA: Which are the key elements of a detox therapy at the ADLER Balance Spa & Health Residenz in South Tyrol?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: The main goal of a Detox Health Programme at the ADLER BALANCE is to naturally cleanse the organism from metabolic residues and waste substances. In-depth cleansing restores the natural harmony between body and soul so that energies can flow freely again and well-being is restored and maintained.

IRMA: The cure is based on four elements. Can you tell me more about them?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: 1. Rest of your body and your soul. That way you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the cleansing and regeneration of the body. The rest should include the digestive system (relive it thanks to a special cure diet); the body (only some little exercise under control of a personal trainer is suggested); and soul (take time off for yourself, listen to your inner voice and access your own personal resources. Guided relaxation and breathing awareness exercises, meditation, individual stress management coaching sessions will help you discover your own deepest needs and find your way to emotional harmony. The beautiful natural setting will help on this way).

2. Cleansing: Treatments and food supplements aimed at the cleansing of the intestine help clean the ambience where our cells live. Baths with special salts and oils, fango packs, detox foot baths, teas and alkaline water help clean our blood. Liver and kidneys are cleaned thanks to natural food supplements.
3. Training: The change of habits is an important cornerstone of the cure. On a nutritional level we focus on conscious, slow eating and proper chewing. Healthy food and enough drinking. On a stress level we teach you easy breathing exercises that help find calm and relaxation. On a physical level you will be given a personal exercise plan which you can easily follow also at home. Moreover you will be given tips how to improve your sleep.
4. Special treatments: Our wide range of individually tailored treatments in the form of medical applications, baths, packs and massages helps promote your physical and emotional balance for good and lasting health. All the treatments are determined based on your individual needs and the results of the medical diagnostics.

IRMA: How can I prepare myself for a most effective long detox weekend in advance?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: I suggest to begin at least 1 week before the cure with the elimination of some unhealthy habits. Begin, if possible, by reducing your stress burden at work. If you are too exhausted, the body won’t be able to activate the cleansing properties.
–  reduce your coffee, alcohol and cigarettes consumption
–  avoid eating sweets
–  try to have dinner earlier and start by having lighter dinners
–  go to bed earlier
–  drink more water
–  do some exercise, at least a little, every day

IRMA: How about food & supplements, what is your concept during a detox weekend and for afterwards at home?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: The diet at the ADLER BALANCE has a different aim than the diet we suggest for home. During the cure we want to achieve the rest of the intestine and it has to contain a limited amount of calories (about 900 calories a day) and it is made only of light and cooked food. It contains only little fibers as well as only one portion of fruit in the morning. The proper working of digestion is ensured by natural food supplements. No salt but many different spices are added to the dishes. A vegan variant is also possible.
The diet for back home is based on the aims of every single guest (weight loss, muscle building, correction of vitamin or mineral deficit, etc.). The diet for home will consider the individual calories needed, the glycemic load distributed on the day, the feed charge of AGES (substances that are responsible for most of our ageing processes), the food supplements needed…

IRMA: A relaxed mind and atmosphere is important for stress and calorie reduction. Is there a trick how I can keep that feeling when I am returning back home?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: The main factors of an imbalance are: bad food, too little exercise, and too much social stress. The last one is the most important factor which often is cause for the other two. If a person has too many obligations on work and in social life, there is no time for enough healthy exercise. Moreover it indulges many people to consume junk food, unhealthy and a cause of weight gain.

IRMA: How do you exit this vicious cycle?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: There is no magic formula. It is important to learn how to make use of what one learns during an ADLER BALANCE health stay. Thanks to the changes that one will feel, one will be motivated to continue with these healthy habits.

IRMA: How can I still indulge during a detox weekend and still have a positive success after that cure?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: Especially during the first days of the cure, there can be difficult moments of headache, nausea, lack of energy, hunger. These can be avoided if one prepares well before the cure. However, our team is always at your disposal, assisting you and motivating you during your stay, so that you will be able to resist the temptation.

IRMA: What do you suggest to do after a day or week of overindulgence?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: One day of over indulgence is not a big problem. One should try to do lots of exercise and reduce the consumption the following days. You should be aware, that sweets are the worst you can eat (even worse than too much meat). You should only consume sugary food in the morning and as a dessert in some special occasions.

IRMA: How can I prolong the cure when returning back home?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: The cure has to be continued at home in the sense that the cure represents a first step towards are healthier life style. The changes should affect nutrition, exercise, stress levels as well as sleeping habits.

IRMA: What can I take with me from the resort that will remind me always to be good and true to my body and health?
Dr. Giorgio Mazzola: The energized feeling after the cure will be motivation enough to continue applying some healthy habits after the cure. Nevertheless a “refresh” once in a while is suggested.

IRMA: Thank you for your time.