A portrait of Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD on TV

We are very happy that the Bayerischer Rundfunk, part of German public broadcaster ARD, has broadcast this report on Jasmin Khezri of IRMASWORLD in their news magazine.

Thank you for giving us this platform to talk about the multiplicity of our work and hopefully inspire others to not stand still and stick to one thing, but to expand their possibilities, talents and different directions.

It was a real pleasure to work with Mira Berthelmann and her team on this report, which we think reflects the creative ingenuity and complexity behind IRMA very well.

About Jasmin Khezri and Irmasworld for Abendschau from Mira Barthelmann. courtesy Bayerischer Rundfunk© 2023

You can watch the clip here. Enjoy it!


Jasmin Khezri. Take 3
Sharing the space with the crew
with Mira Barthelmann from the Bayerischer Rundfunk