Cabanas No Rio. Living in a cabin

There is something to be said about finding the perfect place to spend a weekend at just the right time. Cabanas No Rio can be such a place and this weekend was no exception. With temperatures of 29 degrees during the day but still chilly nights.
Located an hour drive from Lisbon in Comporta in the River Sado Natural Reserve we will spend the weekend in the green immensity of rice fields, typical fishermen`s houses that offer a serene get away experience.

On the banks of the Sado River, there are two cabins belonging to the Silent Living group, designed by the architect Manuel Aires Mateus, based on the concept of reusing existing architectural ideas, reclaiming the richness of nature and the environment.

Two old huts, once used by local fishermen, were built off-site and brought to Comporta, where they now blend in with the river as if they had always been there.

Cabanas no Rio. Comporta. Portugal

A small jetty on stilts acts as an outdoor living space and invites you to swim in the river at high tide.
After only a short time at Cabanas No Rio, you will feel the constant flowing gesture of the river, leading to tranquillity and inner contentment.
A perfect place for a break at any time of the year, yes, I can imagine spending it. A winter day at the huts, an icy morning swim before a hot shower and tea.
The summer months offer a mild breeze, views of lush rice fields and sandy beaches and, of course, nearby Comporta, no longer a sleepy fishing village but still with all the charm of a seaside village.

Cabanas no Rio. Comporta. Portugal


The best time to stay in the cabanas is spring and late summer. You should be aware that these are exactly what the name says: cabanas. One hut – one bedroom.
It helps if you have been to Comporta before and know how best to deal with the mosquitoes over the rice fields.
And the real luxury is the closeness to nature, the tranquillity and the pure design.