A gift just for you!

Yes, yes, yes! Christmas is coming! Seeing all these beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets feels magic and it really helps me to get into the festive mood.

Of course, we all know that Christmas is not always so magic and beautiful as it sounds. It’s the end of the year and we all want to make sure that we have reached our goals and at the same time we love the time to enjoy the festive, and silent moments that are mend to be. And than of course you want to find the very unique and special gift for your friends and loved ones and this is why we made our Advents Calendar a gift guide at the same time. We realized that gifts also have something to do with time and how you spend your time; so this year we have a range of special places that will make sure you have a wonderful time besides all the beauty gifts and other fine things that just make your life more beautiful.

The idea is simple! Every day, you have to open a post and discover what to win! Make sure you look each day, there will always be just one winner!

Don’t forget to spread the #IrmasAdvent2015 in your Social Media.

I wish you, good luck, a lot of fun and of course . . . . . . .

have a fabulous Christmas time!



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