A daily dose of how to do it by Inès de la Fressange

Designs from the Inès de La Fressange, Paris, Winter Collection 2017, which was presented at Hôtel Ritz during Paris Fashion Week

Designer, businesswoman, writer, consultant, style icon. IRMA was impressed by all the different things Inès de la Fressange does during her day. When we asked her the question how she manages to get into a good mood every day? Her answer was: “I listen to music and wear navy blue. Try it and tell me if it works.” We did. 

IRMA: We are fascinated by all the things you do… a cooperation with Uniqlo and Petit Bateau, an advisory positions with Roger Vivier and Jean-Paul Gaultier, as well as being an author of your books, just to name a few things…
INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: J.P. Gaultier, no! He is just a friend. I also write a newsletter every week (www.lalettredines.com), translated into English, where I recommend addresses in Paris and on the web as well as give advice about books, films, exhibitions. So, yes indeed, I’m quite busy! (laughs) The other day my daughter asked me how I still manage to help her with her flat (sweetheart), actually I am well surrounded by people who support me. At Roger Vivier with my assistant of 35 years, Armelle, at Uniqlo with Naoki Takizawa, who is a great designer, and at Inès de la Fressange, Paris, also with a great team (especially Olga, the director of communications).

IRMA: Do all these cooperations influence also your own collection, Inès de la Fressange, Paris, or is your own collection rather a place where you express the real Inès de la Fressange?
INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: At Vivier, I am not the designer but the consultant and ambassador, in my newsletter rather a friend to people who read me and at Uniqlo I design clothes for many women in the world who want style without spending too much. Of course there is a special place in my heart for my own company, but working for different companies gives a synergy and is very fulfilling. Some things are good for one brand and not for another and when one is creative there is always a wish to do something and the opposite, so it’s great to have different playgrounds!

IRMA: You have said so many things about style and fashion in your books and everything makes sense, but doesn’t a good look come more from the inside? How can you achieve that cool/chic factor from inside?
INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: Oh yes, I forgot the books! (laughs) Listen to answer to your question. Imagine you go and see a doctor. You can say: “Is that a part of my mind that can help to heal my body?” He will answer yes indeed because we know now that a good mind can have an influence on your well-being or illness, but won’t you expect pills?! So fashion is just the same: Start to smile (it can’t be bad…) but professional people can help you look better.

IRMA: What do you like most about being a female designer those days ?
INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: Having personal wishes. I know if I work with honesty and sincerity, women will wish the same things. It’s a huge help being a woman.

IRMA: Is there a trick you use when you feel really down but have a huge day ahead of you?
INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: You mean every day? (laughs) I listen to music and wear navy blue. Try it and tell me if it works.