A chat with the Paris-based interior architect, designer and creative director Stéphane Parmentier 

The list of Interior Design projects and product design collaboration is endless. Stéphane Parmentier started as a fashion designer for ready to wear women’s collection at Lanvin, Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld and Hervé Léger, as well as his own brand under his name before finding his passion for interior design , that now takes his creative strength for the most wanted design pieces and interiors around the world.
We had a chat with him in Munich for the launch of his table wear collection in collaboration with Dragonfly


IRMA: What is the difference between a beautiful designed garment and a well-made piece of interior, if so?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: Not that much actually, both require attention in material, manufacturing and details and reflect their owner’s personality, but pieces of interiors need to last longer in term of style and quality.

A private residence in Paris, Picture: Courtesy of AD, Stéphane Parmentier

IRMA: Your designs are always interpreted by different materials. What comes first the material, or the idea?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: Often both at the same time : when I make a design, I like to think global from scratch. I also love to “play” with a material as an instrument of music and explore all its potentials, all the melodies that it can produce.

IRMA: How do you take decisions? Is there a ritual, a habit , a thought that comes up before?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: No rituals, but very often, my best decisions and intuitions come after sleep. As commonly told sleep is the best adviser.

Outdoor Design of a private residence in Miami

IRMA: A collaboration can be positive and rewarding or empty and dull. How do you figure out if it is the right one?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: The human relation is crucial. It’s essential for me to find some depth, soul and integrity in collaborations. And ideally some playfulness.

The Music Room of a private residence by Stéphane Parmentier, Picture: Courtesy of AD, Stéphane Parmentier

IRMA: Is there real renouncement?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: Compromise can be good, but renouncement is sad. I try to always avoid having to renounce or have someone renounce around me. There is always a way out 😉

IRMA: What do I have to be aware of, when my finger type faster than I think?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: Take a big breath !

Store Design for Hermès in Paris

IRMA: Would life be easier if beauty was always the good and ugly was always the bad?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: No, on the contrary, a nightmare: Beauty can be everywhere and hidden. As ugliness.

An interior design for a private Residence at Opera, Paris

IRMA: If you have to give up all your artistic ways to express yourself except for one. Which one would you keep? Why this one?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: I would keep the ability to draw, because you can express so much with a drawing.

A sideboard by Stéphane Parmentier for Giobagnara

IRMA: A place that makes a difference, personal and design wise?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: This last years : Puglia in Italy, love this place, the architecture, the people, the nature, the sea.

An interior by Stéphane Parmentier pour Pouenat

IRMA: Your most used lie?
STÉPHANE PARMENTIER: I’m very frank and direct. I can’t help it and life is so much colourful and simple this way. I don’t make much use of lies.

Stéphane Parmentier, picture ©François Goize


Stéphane Parmentier for Editions Gallipoli


Interior architect Stéphane Parmentier and Jasmin Khezri at the launch of his table wear collection for Dragonfly at the Munich Design & Interior Store LUMISOL by Mark von Schmarsow .