T&tStories’ CARLOTTA skirt and iconic IRMA T

The IRMA T-Shirt without the bow.

I met Tanja of T&tStories many, many years ago. We lost sight of each other and when we met again beginning of 2012, she had three beautiful children and an incredible sense of mix and matching her wardrobe together.

When she told me last year about her plans to start her own skirt collection, I thought by myself what a great idea, as skirts are almost every women’s darling and flattering whether you are small, tall, thin, tiny, womanly, burlesque, you name it.

One skirt, two ways to wear it. The Carlotta skirt with a white plane T-Shirt and a last season Simone Rocha blouse and Chanel flats.

She started to select patterns and materials and knew exactly which silhouette of a skirt would flatter a woman’s body the most.

This spring I bought my first skirt at T&tStories, the Carlotta ruffle, and had many occasions to wear it very differently, see below.

Easy and chic, the Carlotta raffle skirt with the IRMA T-Shirt knotted in the bag so that the V neck disappears.

And I was happy to team up for the T&tStories private sale today with a limited-edition IRMA T-shirt.

The white T shirt with an IRMA print on a fine cotton mix, extra-long T shirt with a Parisian lace bow can be worn in many ways. The T shirt comes with the attached lace bow which can be taken off easily.

You can wear it loose with a V neck or tight back with a knot, so the V neck disappears. Off one shoulder, as a minidress to the beach or easy to your favorite jeans. There are many ways and I am happy to show you how to transform your T shirt style today at T&tStories in Munich.

In case you want to come by and try on skirts, T-Shirts and more contact me. Looking forward to seeing you and in case you do not happen to be in Munich today, shop online at irmasworld.com or for all skirts at T&tStories .


How the original IRMA T-Shirt looks like, fine 100% cotton with a black & white art print and Parisian black lace ribbon. The ribbon can be taken off and used as a bow in your hair, around your neck or belt.

Have fun with it.

One T-Shirt and one skirt with as many different looks you can think off. Wooden heel sandals by Chanel, last season