6 ROAD TRIP GADGETS that turn a journey into your dream holiday

JK from IRMASWORLD wears a top by COS, skirt by Prada, gloves and bag by Hermès

Road-tripping is the way to travel this summer. The freedom in traveling, of when and where to go, is true luxury, especially when you have these little assistants on board to make your journey unbelievable. These handy helpers guarantee a level of style and comfort that is miles from any rustic road trip memories you might have in mind, so you can really relax and enjoy this journey.


Maintain your glowing, vibrant holiday skin and fight the dry air conditioning with a portable car humidifier. Choose your favourite scented oil, which at the same time will leave behind a fresh smell that is going to make your ride almost therapeutic. Simply plug it in the car’s USB outlet or take it with you to your hotel room!



Butler service at hand! This travel companion will help fight your driving fatigue by providing you with a rich, high-quality espresso – wherever you are. All you need is finely ground coffee, hot water and Nanopresso.



Tired in the middle of the wilderness? Easily turn your back seats into a comfortable bed and sleep under the stars on your next road trip with this inflatable mattress. You may even use it as a sofa for your next picnic.



Hydrate in style and prevent endless amounts of plastic bottles from cluttering the car by sticking to one reusable water bottle. Use fresh mint leaves to infuse your drinking water, they will keep your naturally awake and refreshed.



There is nothing worse than sipping on the old, lukewarm drink that has been sitting in your car. Be sure to keep your drinks and snacks fresh and cool with a portable cooler. Sandwiches, cut veggies and your favourite macarons taste so much better when freshly chilled.

Coocheer Portable Cooler


Need a souvenir or present for your loved ones at home? Why not make your own road tripping movie. Make sure to document your journeys and adventures to look back on as soon as nostalgia hits you back at home. Simply place the little GoPro in front of your car window or take it with you on any adventures.

GoPro HD Video Camera

JK from IRMASWORLD wears a top by COS, skirt by Prada, gloves and bag by Hermès