6 ideas to groom your Advent wreath

Close up of the Advents wreath created by Silke von Otto for Irmasworld. It is made out of eucalyptus and ivy leaves, black currents and anything found in the woods.


The Advent wreath is a tradition, which comes at this time of the year and today it is not always about counting Sundays until Christmas eve or day but creating harmony and comfort in your home, besides being an impressive decoration.

There are many different ways to create your own Advent wreath. We asked specialist artisanal florist Silke von Otto from the Munich based concept and flower shop Blumen die Leben , how to create and groom you Christmas decoration so it is alterable and most important lasts until Christmas.

  1. We love the non-colour of the candles and of course you can if you like change the colour of candles every week.

    Instead of using needle tree branches for your wreath, use a ready circle shaped foam constriction to build up your advent bouquet. You can use branches of any kind of leaves and berries or just fresh flowers and best, you can change them whenever you like by just pulling them out of the water-soaked foam construction.

  2. Think of curious, unusual objects, vintage finds, jewellery and anything you might have collected throughout the year to tag on your wreath. Like this you add a personal note to your creations.
  3. Stay in one colour, maybe all red for more traditional or gold for a festive variation. Depending on your environment your advent wreath will make a statement or simply blends in with the rest of your decoration.
    If your wreath us based on a water-soaked foam you can add any kind of fresh flowers. Cloves are ideal as they can last very long.
  4. How to lighten up, real candles, honeybee candles or electronic lights, there are many variations. We love the bee wax candles simply for their natural smell.
  5. Place matters and a wreath can hang on your door or simply be placed on your table. Add a beautiful cloth to it or paint the door in a vibrant colour that compliments the wreath.
  6. Add fruits, berries, sweets and herbs. We love any kind of fresh or dried herbs for the smell and the look. Keeping it all natural is a perfect match for your kitchen table.
Even flowers which are no longer very fresh can be arranged in the foam wreath as they are partly hidden by leaves and berries. Roses give a wonderful smell.


And don´t forget the ribbons, they are like a coat on top of the dress, compliment the main colour or stay in the tonality and hue, anyhow make them couture, do not be stingy but think big, if you think of bows and ribbons.


Have a look at

Blumen die Leben,
Max-Weber-Platz, Munich,
for different handmade advents wreath
or fresh flowers for your
advents tea.