5 ways to relax in the mountains

What makes the mountains so peaceful? Here are 5 ways to relax in the mountains and to gain a health benefit.


1. Get Out There

The mountains are an incredible place. Instead of lazing around a crowded beach, discover all the activities you can do in the mountains. Take a hike, take a deep breath or go on a tracking tour with horses. At the end of the day you will be loaded with oxygen and serotonin hormones that reward you with tons of happiness.


2. Pick Wildflowers and Roses

Stroll around the mountain village of Bever, Engadin, Switzerland

Do you love fresh flowers? Find a path populated with wildflowers and pick them. There is nothing more enriching and beautiful than hand-picked flowers from the mountains you can place in a beautiful vase at your hotel or at home. The scent of freshly picked flowers are 70% stronger than from the ones you buy in a shop.


3. Visit a Mountain village

Pick wild flowers on mountain lawns and roses from your garden.

Visit a mountain village for a relaxing vacation. From unique boutiques to local breweries, you’ll find lots of fun and relaxing activities here. Look out for manufactures that create typical handcraft from a region. You will learn more about a place when you see what skills people have who live and work there.


4. Take Photographs

Main road in Bever.

Mountain peaks are a dream for amateur photographers. From the beauty of the mountains to the abundance of wildlife, you can get some pretty epic shots. Or if you like, bring a sketchbook and draw the fauna around you. You will absorb the landscape with your eyes and mind.


5. Read Your Favourite Book

Kelly Bag by Hermès, Spring 2021

Escape to the mountains and read your favourite book. Reading is such a relaxing activity, but if you add mountains to the equation, you’ll be calm for days!


Wearing our latest original sheep skin vest, handmade in Portugal.


Alpine Style , wearing Ralph Lauren Dress summer 2021 and sleeveless sweater from the menswear collection, bucket bag by Irmasworld, shoes by Hermès.