12 things that make your holiday

LONDON: Whether you pack your bag to travel or stay at home, holiday is the most precious time of the year. You expect the most and you want to have a very different time, different from all the usual days of your everyday life.

I almost prefer the time before the holiday starts. I love to think about where to go or if I should stay home and really enjoy having lots of time. Maybe invite my friends to dinner and surprise them with lots of good things on the table. What should I bring with me and what will be my absolute favourite summer accessory; the colour on my nails, my favourite read and my best swim.COLLAGE-SUMMER

To get you in the mood, here are some of the things I have been thinking of before going on a holiday:

  1. Look at David Hockney’s Pool paintings and you are 100% sure of renting a house with a pool and just spend your days there. This is also why turquoise is a colour I would only wear during summer and this Hermès Pochette Faco II has the perfect colour combination and makes every white T-shirt and jeans shorts a perfect summer look, along with the Bracelet Lido (the name says it all!) in blue and orange, both Hermès.
  2. My favourite colour in summer is red for my toes and on my lips at night. Red lipstick on bare tanned skin is actually the best summer make-up. Seen at Douglas: the BeYu, La Côte d’Azur Design Collection by IRMA (Link: http://www.beyu.net/new-trends/la-cte-dazur-by-irma/).
  3. Lisa Marie Fernandez makes my favourite swimwear, especially her Niki beach wear which is perfect to wear after a swim.
  4. Pools, there are so many and some of them will always want you to come back for a swim. The saltwater pool of the Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes is like that You don’t want to get out.
  5. Do something different in your holiday. Start writing a series of short stories or letters to friends you haven’t seen in a long time or create a luscious vegetable garden on your balcony or start sketching — anything that will set your mind to a different mode.
  6. Summer jewellery has to be bright and cheerful. I like to have a look at the vintage jewellery section at Barney New York, especially the bright bacalit bracelets from the Art Deco period seem to be the perfect match for a silk chemise at night.
  7. Bring your towel, use it at the beach or as a yoga mat on your terrace. When its nice and colourful, it lifts your spirit as soon as you get comfortable on it. This one is by Tory Burch.
  8. When I visited the Vogue Salon in Berlin in July during Fashion Week, I came across the talented jewellery designer, uncommon matters.com which to me has a very new and strong vision of wearing and jewellery together.
  9. Go to a restaurant where plates are arranged like garden terraces.
  10. Create a dinner for your friends and go to a market to buy only the best produce you can find. Just imagine closing your eyes and putting everything on the table that smells and tastes like summer.
  11. When I am travelling I am a big fan of make-up palettes, instead of many little jars and tubes. The ART OF COLOUR PALETTE, a limited edition by Laura Mercier, has all the shades that give my skin the perfect glow at night.
  12. A hat against the bright sun is obligatory, this one by Dolce & Gabbana looks like a delicious cake and has the added advantage to be crumpled together so it fits into my luggage.