10 reasons to give flowers not only for Valentine’s Day

Handpainted flower box by IRMA for Lilly and Roses, blouse by Zara
Hand-painted flower box by IRMA for Lilly and Roses, blouse by Zara

Flower shops are worth stopping by on your shopping spree and flower boxes are the arm candy to bring along  when you are invited to your friend’s house. The flower installations at fashion shows make part of the brand’s corporate identity and a bouquet of beautiful flowers make  a statement in your house.

IRMA tells you 10 reasons why she is buying flowers all year round and not only on Valentine’s Day

  1. Flowers are a statement of time, especially of the season. They make you get into the mood for each month, so there is some kind of flower to look forward to in every moment of time.
  2. Make the bouquet for your best friend yourself and use unique combinations. Order the flowers in bunches and make the arrangement at home. You can wrap them in printed silk or pretty wrapping paper to round up your creation.
  3. Personalize your flower box by writing a personal message onto it or make a doodle that says something you always wanted to say.
  4. Use flowers as a packaging of a present, which is so much nicer than ordinary wrapping paper. You can put candy canes in different colours between the flowers or have a tiny package of jewellery or chocolate held by a bouquet with strong branches.
  5. Give flowers to someone when they expect it the least. You will earn a big smile and they will never forget you.
  6. Make a colour statement with your choice of flowers. For example, buy only flowers in your favourite colour and do not mix them with any greenery. Different shades of red for example look great in a room which is kept in a red tonality.
  7. Define a favourite flower which suits your character and use it to communicate. Remember Maria Callas was known for loving Calla lilly, as the flower was named after her!
  8. Collect different flower boxes and use them as storage in your dressing room. They are also signs of happy memories.
  9. We know, a gentlemen gives flowers, but why not turn it around and create a great flower bouquet for your big love which will make him think, Wow, this women is…
  10. Another positive side effect: He will never get you the wrong flowers. And if he still does, talk to the flower shop he orders from and communicate your wishes. A good salesman will make it happen.