Win Wonderstripes latest Makeup Blotting Film packs

Still at the beach in the south, or back again in your office? There are a few things that are absolutely necessary to make your skin fresh, matte and radiant . Frankly there are three essential helpers which are perfect for the transition time of the season:

All you need to carry around is the Cooling After Sun Face & Body Yoghurt by KORRES, your Makeup Touch-Up Blotting Film by Wonderstripes, the Touch Up Candleglow Powder by Laura Mercier and the softest of all Powder Brush by La Mer. They instantly make your skin pretty and feel fresh. Use them several times during the day and follow IRMA’s tips on how to use the latest Wonderstripes product which fit into the smallest handbag.

This week we give away 10 packages of the new Blotting Film by Wonderstripes. Take part in our raffle until September 14, 2017 and be a lucky winner!


new: Makeup Touch-Up Blotting Film


  1. Smudged your lipstick? They work just as well to remove any extra color.
  2. Oily skin around your nose? Use these pads to go back to matte.
  3. Trouble putting mascara on in the morning? Use the pads below your eye to prevent any smudging.
  4. Don’t forget your neckline in the summer heat, it needs some care as well! Use these pads to remove any possible impurities in your pores.
  5. Mascara likes to flake off the eyelashes during a long day. Use these pads to remove any color beneath the eyes.



  1. Liquid moisturizer spray (to leave your face hydrated and cooled)



  1. Anything that cools down the skin, like the Cooling After Sun Face & Body Yoghurt by KORRES.
  2. Touch Up Candleglow Powder always put on with an extra large powder brush (La Mer).
  3. If it is too hot to wear lipstick, or you don’t feel like wearing it, just moisturize your lips and wear some dashing antique earrings instead of lip colour, they look effortlessly chic with tanned skin.

WIN: Blotting Film by Wonderstripes

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