Winter coats that make sense

Jil Sander coat

The choice for a perfect winter coat is easy on one hand as there are so many, but that is at the same time also the problem.
We asked IRMA how she would choose her coat and these ideas make sense:


Does the length of the coat fits into your lifestyle?
Are you commuting by car, bike or train? That is an important question when it comes to the right coat. A long coat on a bike or in the car doesn’t work, that is why there are car coats which end above the knee. Are you more into trousers or skirts? Use the coat to make your silhouette look leaner and slimmer, the right length can make a difference.


Pockets instead of gloves

Jil Sander

This Jil Sander coat has the best pockets for winter. The trim is like the trim of a ski glove with soft wool padding which will allow your hands to be warm and will not make you lose another pair of gloves.


Sculptured cut
A wool coat has the ability to create a strong line and make the shape of the coat as unique as possible. Compared to a cashmere coat which flows along your silhouette a thicker wool coat can create an interesting silhouette.


Maxi Coat for great cover up
This is important as an investment in a great coat needs nothing else. Just wear your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers, grab your minibag for maximum allure and off you go.


Colours up
Or down. If you are into turtlenecks a coat without a colour makes a beautiful and elegant neckline. In case you prefer to wear blouses in winter make a choice for a high cover up colour which makes a scarf needless.


A good winter coat should work by itself, no scarf, gloves, belts or anything else is needed to keep you warm and make a brilliant silhouette.



ACNE Studio
Jil Sander
Calvin Klein Jeans
S Max Mara