Why you might need a new make-up brush

Artis make-up brushes
Real beauties for your beauty: Artis make-up brushes. Photo: Andreas Achmann

Even from professionals we have heard this advice more than once: “Take your fingers for applying make-up.” But to be honest, IRMA was never quite a fan of dipping and tapping. Not to mention the time it takes to get your hands clean afterwards. We think: To use brushes is way more elegant. Not only are the make-up tools from Artis are ergonomically designed beauties that perfectly fit the hand, the special fibres make application much easier, due to their characteristics and alignment.

The fibres (100% animal-free material) are specially shaped into a microscopically tiny tapered tip and provide an extraordinary blending for all kind of textures — powders, liquids, gels. Also you you’ll be happy when travelling and not having to take a professional brush bag with you. For example, you can use the Circle I Brush for applying lipstick, concealer and eye shadow. And even when your tiny brush ensemble gets bent in your suitcase (because of that one pair of shoes you couldn’t leave behind), hot water or steam will bring the fibres back in shape.