Why I use Gelée Royale on a daily basis. MATRICELL makes a very good one. Yes, I am a fan

10 tips and reasons why IRMA uses MATRICELL:

1. Besides the very powerful ingredient of Gelée Royal, MATRICELL also adds honey, Propolis and pollen into their balanced mixture of high-quality ingredients, the result of long, experienced research with a patent of pollen production. Through this specific manufacture the high quality of the pollen remains and vitamins, minerals, enzymes as well as amino acids can be released and most powerfully activated in our organism.

2. Did you know that Propolis has been used for over a thousand years as a significant remedy against bacteria, viruses and fungi? Matricell only uses the highest quality Propolis which makes it even more effective.

3. The Gelée Royale which is used in MATRICELL is significant in its full blossom and not only in traces of it. Therefore it is only the nectar, also called Honigwein, which is used and has no need of preservatives.

4. Honey is a MUST for your immune system. It is extremely protective against fatigue and muscle pain as well as pain in joints and muscle fibers. Your entire organism is strengthened and regenerated.

5. MATRICELL creates active strength against fatique and harmony for your mind. It is highly anti-stressfull and is supportive against feeling down and depression – overall MATRICELL is balancing body and mind.

6. Spring is perfect time for a cure with Gelée Royal. One box of MATRICELL contains 30 ampoules and we recommend a cure of three months. It is highly anti-aging and a perfect remedy against colds and flus after winter time.

7. Are you planing a detox cure? If so, use MATRICELL twice a day. The metabolism is activated and all detoxification organs will be strengthened to function well and efficiently. Ask your naturopath for a most effective detox cure that suits your metabolism and your living habits.

8. MATRICELL is extremely helpful for women’s health. As mentioned above, it has highly strengthening and balancing characteristics. It optimizes your metabolism and works efficiently as an anti-aging agent in all stages of life.

9. MATRICELL is used internally – when you feel a flu coming, take two ampoules a day. But you can also use it externally by mixing it into your moisturizing cream or against scars when combined with Vaseline or raw coconut butter.

10. Make sure that besides using MATRICELL you should have a balanced lifestyle, lots of time outside in fresh air, a healthy attitude towards sports and your diet and of course enough rest. Drink lots of water and take MATRICELL in cures or every second day on a long term basis.

Photo on slider by Andreas Achmann studio, others by Jasmin Khezri/IRMASWORLD