What used to be stuffy is cool today.

Do you remember the old Agatha Christie mysteries that were set in the English countryside? Mostly tea was drunk and usually from those big pots with the bold block stripes.

The classic Cornishware teapot

Cornishware, the iconic pottery range known for its bold blue and white stripes, has made a remarkable comeback in recent times, most likely due to the influence of JW Anderson, the creative head of Loewe.
Founded a century ago by British potter TG Green, Cornishware was originally inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and Cornish clouds, according to a 1930s marketing campaign. The pottery gained popularity in the 20s and 30s, becoming a staple in British homes and even surviving the economic challenges of the Depression.

A Cornishware teapot for JW Anderson. Photo courtesy of ©JW Anderson

Despite its name, Cornishware is currently made from Cornish clay at a pottery in Somerset, having relocated its base in 2017. The brand’s appeal lies in its nostalgic essence, and to celebrate its centenary it is re-releasing designs from the 50s and introducing a new colour called ‘Cornish Blackberry’, inspired by a limited edition platinum jubilee mug. Cornishware continues to launch new products to keep its range fresh while paying homage to its heritage.

Classic Cornishware pottery. Photo courtesy of ©Cornishware

Despite the pandemic, Cornishware has defied the odds and found great success on Instagram, especially among 25-35 year olds, leading to a doubling of business.

Today its main markets are the US, Australia and South Korea, and this season at the Storck Club by Jacques Grange & Pierre Passebon store in Carvalhal, Portugal.

Cornishware lookalike at the Storck Shop in Comporta

JW Anderson’s reference to Cornishware in his SS24 show at Milan Fashion Week brought the pottery into the world of fashion, where it had never ventured before. As Cornishware continues to grow, its striped ceramics have become a symbol of British domestic classics, evoking a sense of warmth and familiarity. The brand’s presence on Instagram and its collaboration with JW Anderson have further boosted its popularity, ensuring it remains a popular and fashionable choice for homeware.

Get the look:

Cornishware inspired Rugby from the JW Anderson Summer 24 collection. Photo courtesy of ©JW Anderson


JW Anderson Summer 24 collection. Photo courtesy of ©JW Anderson