What I found for Christmas

LONDON: Buying presents should be fun and not a must. Everyone is giving you a special Xmas guide, but IRMA has been trying to think of presents all year round, whenever we visit a showroom, travel the world or just think of something we are in need of we write it down and ideally we have our Xmas presents easily put together at the end of the year.


JEWELLED SHOES by ROCHAS: Because a jewelled shoe is always an option when you like to look chic but still feel like wearing casual.

PENS & CRAYONS: Pick the perfect colours for your friends and give them away in a beautiful box, something that might be the beginning of creative path.

FLOWERS PUT TOGETHER: Do not ask the florist for a bouquet but make your own selection which looks lovely in a vintage vase.

HOLIDAY BROCHURES: Remember to pick up these hotel brochures and take them home with you. All information is online but isn’t it wonderful to give away a weekend trip at the Côte d’Azur and get in the mood with the most beautiful brochures of the Hotel Juana, for example.

SILK FLOWERS: They are the new jewellery and make every top button on a blouse or collar on a coat look romantic. The most beautiful ones we find at Hermès, made in their signature foulard silk.

COLLIERS & JEWELS: Anything that sparkles gets us in a festive mood. How about stunning jewellery design by the Swarovski jewelry collaborations? (Copyright: EFRAT CASSOUTO with Swarovski crystals)

SKATEBOARDS & SCOOTERS: Think of a different ways of transportation next year. Why not take a board to work instead of a bike. It is always challenging to learn something new.

SIGNATURE BAG: Give bags and have them entertain you. The more the merrier and the more unique and outstanding the better.

BIOGRAPHIES: Are our favorite books to read, so find out about the person you admire and learn from them.

COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: Interior books are great to give for Christmas. At no other time of the year you’ll spend so much time at home and can really make changes, rearrange your apartment or colour your walls.

FINE JEWELLERY: A fine necklace and bracelet like the AMULETTE DE CARTIER with a hint of colour is the new must. It is like lipstick and gives you the missing glow during the cold season.

BEAUTY CLEANSE: Cleansing brushes by Clarisonic are always good to have and when they remind you of New York and the art world it is even better for your bathroom and your morning mood.

VINTAGE SHOES: Yes, we mean it, the most beautiful shoes were designed in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Find a good vintage store and get the most outstanding shoes, put them in a beautiful box and you have a unique present for your shoe loving friend.

A SWIM IN THE SEA: Be the first to dive into the Mediterranean next year and book a room at the beach for you and your friend for a first beach day already in February. The rates are low and the beaches empty but you’ll be the first to enjoy the pre-summer feeling. Don’t mind the fresh water, it’s good for you 🙂 .

A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: A weekend in the mountains is regenerating and you sleep perfectly well in the super healthy bedding from the newly opened SAN LUIS HOTEL, a chalet-charm village above Meran which belongs to the Meiser Hotel IRMA .

VINTAGE DECO: Open your eyes whenever you are visiting a flea market, they are an oasis for unique presents.

THE SHOES THAT LAST FOR GENERATIONS: Hermès has the shoes which are worth to invest in, especially since Pierre Hardy is responsible for their outstanding designs. You need to have and give away at least a pair of autumn/winter 2015/16 shoes.