Weekend pleasures


Take a look at Le vert a soi, a garden service in Paris, and get inspiration for your own balcony and window if you don’t have a garden. We like the approach of making every little corner bloom, even if it’s not a big room. By the way, going to the flower market at the weekend is always a nice thing.



If you don’t feel like cooking for friends on a summer evening and would rather sip Negroni’s instead of standing in the kitchen. We recommend any type of smoked fish for dinner. All you have to do is prep it with some fresh herb garnish, some horseradish set aside and scive buttered potatoes on the plate.



Pauline Vincent was a former fashion buyer at Gallerie Lafayette and now has her own brand of beautiful table linens, La Romaine Editions, inspired by her family’s holiday home in France. If you’re in Paris, you can visit their pop-up at Le Bon Marche until the end of June.Laromaine-editions.com


We love the idea of changing perfumes, scented candles or room scents especially for the weekend. This creates the impression of a break or an escape to another place, because every place has its own scent.
For example, we like the linen spray by Frederic Malle, DANS MON LIT, or the scented candle DIPTIQUE’S Citronelle scented candle, which is great for placing on the balcony at night to keep mosquitoes out. As a room freshener, we like Aesop Oleus Aromatique Room Spray.



Now pick your own bouquets from the many flower fields in the area. The florist in you will not only create a beautiful arrangement, but it is also a balance for the mind and soul to create something in nature. For me, as a Munich resident, I can find all the addresses here: https://www.mucbook.de/die-10-wirklich-besten-felder-zum-selber-pfluecken-erdbeeren-blumen-obst-aepfel-holunder/


Tea parties are a great and easy to throw invitation idea with friends, especially if you have a garden. For inspiration, we love The vintage Tea Party Book: A Complete Guide to Hosting Your Perfect Tea Party by Angel Strawbridge. With delicious recipes and styling ideas.



It is important that the weekend feels and tastes different than the rest of the week. Why not treat yourself to some homemade french toast or anything that feels like a treat?