Wedding Day

Some of you might get in the mood by looking at theses bridal dresses and some might have the event already planned. If it comes to wedding plans we think first of a stunning dress and the news are that it no longer has to be in white. It just has to be stunning to make you feel grand. Flowers and wedding patisseries also make a difference and we found some things that are really different from the ordinary.

Berta bridal wear

We had a quick chat with Berta Balilti the designer behind BERTA who focuses mainly on wedding dresses. She incorporates vintage materials and retro styles. Berta quickly rose to stardom through her unique silhouette of dresses. According to the likes of ELLE and VOGUE, Berta is considered today as one of the world’s top-notch designers for bridal and evening wear.

IRMA: How do you get inspired every new season?

BERTA BALILTI:My inspiration is really endless. I derive it from so many different fields and places, and it’s constant. Never stops. My head always runs with ideas and applications to things I saw. It’s a blessing in most parts, but it does keeps me awake at night way too often. Let’s just say, that if I needed, I could have double and quadruple the amount of collections I make every year.

IRMA: What makes a bridal gown different from an evening dress except for the colour?
BERTA BALILTI: The entire thought behind it, the fabrication plays a big role as well. The bride will wear the dress most times all day long and she will be moving around and feeling comfortable all day and night long. The material has to be adaptive and flexible and always of the best quality.

IRMA: How can you adjust your dresses after the big day, so you can wear them again?
BERTA BALILTI: That is completely up to the bride’s imagination!

IRMA: What are the creterias -to your opinion- to make a breathtaking bridal gown?
BERTA BALILTI: Technique and skill are number one – creativity is also up there! Always pushing the boundaries and finding new inspiration is a huge criteria.

IRMA: What is your advice for the bride to be, when she can’t decide between two gowns?
BERTA BALILTI: Always follow your heart! Or, take both 😉




We would order flowers at: Passionflowers

Passionflower is a floral design studio specializing in teaching, floral fashion and jewellery, floral styling and weddings.  Created by designer Sue McLeary, and based in Ann Arbor Michigan, Passionflower is available for editorial styling, workshop instruction and destination events worldwide.

Sue creates elaborate headpieces, floral wearables, and her signature succulent jewellery. She intricates, seasonally-inspired creations and wearable floral pieces have been described as exquisite “living artwork.”



Nectar & Stone

We would love a bite for our wedding from: Nectar & Stome

Creative Director and Author Caroline Khoo, established Nectar & Stone in 2013  in Melbourne.

This heaven of salmon pink and other pastels delicious tasting cakes and sweet goodies has a global audience exceeding 430K on social media platforms, n & s has been loved and featured on the Martha Stewart and Apartment Therapy websites. Collaborations include the likes of Tiffany and Co, Dior, Christian Louboutin, The Langham Hotel, Lexus, Facebook and many more.

If you want to get more eye candy read Caroline’s latest book, “I’m Just Here For Dessert” which has currently been sold in over 30 countries, or just order anything you please from their website, they ship worldwide, thank god.