More Water, Please!


BERLIN: Cherish and enjoy water every day! That’s the idea behind the companySOULBOTTLE. Why not take your drinking water from the tap? That is in most European cities the best-controlled and healthy water, full of minerals. It even has a better quality than many bottled waters. And also water tastes better if it is served in a glass bottle instead of a plastic container.

The idea was clear and simple and when the Vienna-based industrial designer Talia Radford won the Red–Dot design award for the Soulbottle, it was obvious that in the future the company would ask more international designers and artists to create special designs for this unique water bottle.

I am honoured to be one of them. When I was asked to put IRMA on the bottle, I didn’t have to think twice. For IRMA, water is the most important essence of life, it fuels her and makes everything grow.

You can buy the bottle in stores, supermarkets and of course online, you can also design your own personal bottle. For each bottle sold, 1 EUR goes to the Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, a charitable organisation based in St. Pauli, Hamburg (Germany), campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide.

Order your IRMA bottle today and have at least two litres of fresh tap water every day.