Vestiaire Collective. How to become a vintage professional

Vintage and pre-loved fashion is more than ever a way to enjoy fashion in a sustainable way. Not only does it add fashion know-how and style to your wardrobe, it also inspires you to create new looks. We had a chat with the team at Vestiaire Collective who gave us some advice on how to become a top seller or how to best sell your pieces on Vestiaire.

A pre-loved Prada dress from 2022 that I found on Vestiaire Collective a while ago.


How it works best:

  • Set up alerts if you’re looking for something specific or want to keep up with a brand’s new listings.
  • Make offers to sellers – you’d be surprised at the deals you can get with a little negotiation and conversation.
  • Automatically turn on the ‘your size’ filter to see only personalised offers in the catalogue. This will save you time.
Matching of different brands is easier with older seasons


How to decide if you want to sell a piece

  • Are you reluctant to sell a particular item? Ask yourself: “Have I worn it in the last 6 months? If not: – Do I feel comfortable in it? – Do I still love it? – Does it fit? If the answers are mostly “no”, let it go and give it a new home!
  • Classic items that retain their value but are definitely not your colour. Take them out of your wardrobe, they will always be out of place.
  • Always remember that giving away pieces of your wardrobe also creates space for something new, and often space is precious to create a new style or simply modify older things with the perfect new one.
I love to buy older season bags and paint on them.


How to sell best?

  • Create clear images, make sure the lighting is good. Your pictures need to be good, it is the first impression your customers get and invites them to want the product.
  • List items with accurate descriptions and be honest about conditions and any faults, this will keep your rating high and you will sell better and more.
  • Communication is key. Write a message to people who favour your items. Answer questions quickly and thoroughly.
Currently available at Vestiaire Collective


Have a look at my Vestiaire Collective account: @jasmin2435659