Venice shopping with Venezia di Nicchia

I visit Venice at least once a year, and each time I discover something new. Elena Diachenko, editor of ELLE & ELLE Décor Ukraine, takes me by the arm and shows me her side of Venice. It is all about the little shops hidden under the busy Ponte Rialto or around corners where you would not normally shout “PERMESSO!” to get through a crowd of slow-moving tourists. Elena knows Venice like the back of her hand, thanks to her Italian husband who is an abstract painter. You can book a shopping tour with Elena @veneziadinicchia and experience Venice in a way you never imagined.

Here comes our List Shopping Guide:




Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD with Elena Diachenko

Book your shopping tour, not just any tour, but an artisan and personalised tour with Elena Diachenko from Venezia di Nicchia.



Modern version, hand-woven by GioBagnara. They have several shops in Venice and are the perfect place to buy all your Christmas presents in one place.



Artwork by Annalu Talea at RAVAGNAN Gallery

I came across this beautiful glass and silicon sculpture by Venice artist Annalù Talea on my way to the Guggenheim, I think it is a great piece instead of a painting on the wall. See the Ravagnan Gallery,



NARDI Jewellery

Nardi is the place to go for impressive jewellery and bejewelled pieces when you are looking for something that you cannot find anywhere else.




But make it special. Once you have slept in Jesurum bedding, you will never get out of bed again. Hand-embroidered sheets, blankets and lace pillows with handmade trims and crocheted details. And, of course, the matching nightwear that will tempt you to wear it out on the street.



Vintage shoe collection at shoemaker Atelier Segalin di Daniela Ghezzo

Visit the Atelier Segalin di Daniela Ghezzo when you are in Venice, not only to see her handmade shoes, but also to be inspired by her collection of vintage shoes, which are perfect for copying in pieces.



L`Armadio Di Coco Vintage shop

There are several L’armandio di coco. The one next to the Gritti is more classic and if you are lucky you might find a vintage Hermes bag. The other, near Piazza San Marco, has a more artistic vibe and is known for customising your personal vintage pieces or those you find in the shop. Check out @vetrine_offuskate.


Lella Bella

This little knitting shop, LELLABELLA, under the Ponte di Rialto, is a treasure trove of the finest wool. They have invented a mechanism to store their wool, which raises the cupboards at high tide. Drop in and watch the knitters at work creating beautiful, unique pieces. You can order directly.



Librairie Studium studium

This bookshop, Librairie Studium, invites you to read. You will find a wide selection of English and German books, Italian books, and upstairs there is a reception room from The Merchants of Venice that can be used as a dining room or lecture hall.


Porte Italia Interiors

At PORTA ITALIA INTERIORS you will find hand-painted accessories such as plates and lamps, as well as murals, painted doors and bespoke painted furniture. The shop is like a restoration museum and invites you to dream or paint your own walls.




TABINOTABI is a small shop in Rialto. It offers finely crafted accessories made entirely from environmentally sustainable materials and processes.
Tabinotabi’s fabric is made from seaweed woven into a cellulose fibre. This high quality fabric has a lasting positive effect on the skin thanks to a worldwide patented process called SeaCell.