They are coming for lunch…

… and it’s your turn to cook something delicious, light and quick so everyone is happy, including yourself. There is actually nothing better to take advantage of the last hot summer days than to have an alfresco lunch on your balcony or in your garden and simply create some fresh salads which you can serve on beautiful summer plates.

IRMA selected her favorite three salads that are easy to prepare and taste deliciously of summer, perfect for a spontaneous lunch party with your friends.

We serve roasted, thinly cut bread with the salad and ice-chilled rosé wine.



All you need: green fine beens, small garden potatoes (with a soft skin, so you do not have to peel them), chives, spring onions, olive oil, lemon, dried chilly flakes and optional tuna from a can.

How to do it: Boil the potatoes until soft, simmer the beans until soft and roast the spring onions in a frying pan with olive oil, some salt & pepper, until golden soft. Mix everything together and add some more olive oil and lemon juice and if wanted some more chilly flakes. Let it soak for one hour to intensify the flavor. Serve the tuna out of a large tuna tin (the quality is important) so everyone can help themselves.


All you need: Cucumber, mint, chickpeas (canned), dill, olive oil, salt & pepper, zest of lemon, dried red chilly flakes

How to do it: Cook the chickpeas or simmer them quickly if they are out of the tin. Cut the cucumber into cubes. Mix the chickpeas together with the cucumber and season with mint, dill, olive oil, salt & pepper. Season well with the chilly flakes and leave the salad to soak for a couple of hours bevor serving.



All you need: quinoa, barberries, green dried raisins, dill and optional some mint leaves, lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and Gee.

How to do it: Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the packaging. Separately heat up one tablespoon of Gee in a frying pan and season it with salt and pepper. Slightly roast the barberries and green raisins until they are glossy and soft.

When the quinoa is ready, leave the rinsed quinoa under a linen cloth so the steam makes it soft and fluffy instead of sticky. Mix together the berries and raisins and season the salad with dill, mint, lemon and olive oil.

For dessert serve chilled honey melon with roasted almonds — delicious!
For dessert serve chilled honeydew melon with roasted almonds — delicious!